Order or organize tasks while viewing “My Tasks” in Calendar view

Hi! Is there a way to order or organize tasks while viewing “My Tasks” in Calendar view? I include my appointments, but I’m unable to order them properly by time (i.e. the 11 AM appt is ordered after the 3 PM appt). I also would love to be able to have the tasks on a certain day organized by project. Is this possible at all? Thanks so much!

Hey @Emma_Ehrenzeller, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

I have tested this also and added task in various sections with start and end time

On my end it displays it properly.

Regarding tasks organized per project in calendar view: You can colour code every Asana project. Then this will reflect on the calendar view as well:

More info: Asana calendar view options | Product guide • Asana

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi @Emma_Ehrenzeller, as it stands, it’s currently not possible to reorder tasks in Calendar view. We will launch some exciting updates for the Calendar view for My Tasks, I’ll make sure to keep you posted :slight_smile: In the meantime, as @Andrea_Mayer mentioned, you can order the tasks in List view and they will show in that specific order in Calendar view!


@Andrea_Mayer Hi! Thank you so, so much for your thorough response. Starting at the end, I have my projects color coded! All that is set, I was just wondering if I could group the colored tasks together (all purples one after the other, all blues, etc.).

Also, is the specific time a premium feature? I couldn’t find that detail on my Asana. Awesome that it organizes that way! Thank you again for all of your help.

@Emily_Roman, thank you for letting me know! So appreciate your promptness and reply!


Hey @Emma_Ehrenzeller,

to group all together it would also require more features under my tasks to for example display all tasks from one project only. For now you could organize and rearrange them in list or board view via columns then they should show organized.

Alternatively you can also use the calendar view in the specific projects or you use advanced search for exactly what you want to view, then save the reports and you can switch to calendar view also, more info here: Using search & advanced search in Asana | Product guide • Asana

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Hi all, quick update to let you know, we just launched a new 7 day Calendar view for My Tasks that allows you to order tasks. You can see all details in this announcement: Plan your week with the new 7 Day Calendar View in My Tasks! 📅


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