Asana desktop app and calendar view

Hi asana team.

I love this app so much.

But it drives me crazy that the app is not the same as the desktop!

I understand that it’s not meant to be the same, but i just can’t visualise anything the same on my ipad or phone and dont want to have to go to my pc to view everything such as the calendar view.

You can view in desktop but there is no way to permanently view in desktop without clicking “view desktop option” every time.

Also in the calendar view, it would be good if recurring tasks such as say “every Sunday” would come up on every Sunday, instead of only coming up once the previous task on Sunday, was completed.

Lastly when in Calendar view, i wish there was a way to select multiple tasks and click and drag them into another day instead of one by one. Or delete a task with a shortcut click instead of having to open it and then clicking “tab-backspace”

Integration with Google assistant would also make my life easier and some additional widgets for android too for quicker shortcut’s.

Hi @Layla_Milligan! Glad to hear you are enjoying Asana!

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Generally, we don’t recommend people to use one thread to give several feedback as it is very difficult for other users to vote for one specific feature request and for us to follow-up.

I was able to find some existing threads regarding the topics you have touched based here. I’m listing them below and I encourage you to cast your comment vote on each thread.

I would also encourage you to create a new thread for each of the topics that are not covered in any of the mentioned threads.

I’m closing this thread to avoid duplications Layla! I hope it’s OK. Have a great day! :slight_smile: