Calendar view in APP


We need to access the calendar view function from andriod and apple apps, has anyone found a way to do this?



Wait there’s no calendar view in the phone app!??!??! I didn’t even bother to check because I’m still onboarding myself to the website version but why would there be no calendar view on the app? That’s stupid if there’s not.


No calendar view!! Completely agree - thought I had found the ideal solution but now having by doubts.
How do others deal with this lack of functionality?
Is there a way to bypass Asanas insistence that the app is used when entering the address in a browser on an ipad?


Seriously, how is there no calendar view in the app?! Seems like a very glaring oversight for what should be a mature service by now.


Amen @Marcus_Johnson! :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! It’s been escalated to our mobile team. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Can’t wait for the update. :slight_smile:


Hi! Still waiting on this feature. Will it be implemented any time soon?

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Hi Aleeshah - at this time we’re unable to provide a product roadmap or specific feature updates in the Community. For more information on product feedback in the Community take a look:

Man, if this was a thing, I could live within Asana and never need anything else. I’ve been pining for it for so long. I’ve even gone so far as to make an app that houses the Asana calendar’s desktop browser view (but my LORD it is a hefty load). I’d love to see this roll out sometime soon.

pls :hearts:


The best way I’ve found for any milestone-related dates that NEED to be in the calendar is to pop a tag on each of those tasks, take the calendar feed of that tag then pop it in Google calendar. You can put different tags on different stuff, but yeah, it’s not an ideal situation.

Seriously, how is this not a thing? Super frustrating! Please fix this soon!


Still nothing, how hard can it be to provide a calendar view in the app, I must continue my search for a better solution,
do not like google maps


We really need this feature!! Please!!:pray:

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Asana has a pile of great features for my client, but not having a calendar view on mobile (combined with the severely limited Google calendar integration) is killing it. We need to see what tasks are due today, and only today. I can’t find any way to get to this view on mobile and it’s driving me nuts.

Can you share how you made this work? Was hoping to just use Safari to log in and store it, but no such luck.

No calendar view and complete Gcal integration is killing me… I set up my whole companies workflow into Asana and it doesn’t support what we need. What a waste of time. :frowning:

Yes, we desperately require this feature! Any possibility it will be done by years end?

Hi Kevin. We’re unable to provide a timeline, but please know we’re listening to your feedback. Thanks very much!

I, too, spent many hours setting up team tasks and timelines on my PC, then when I accessed Asana on my mobile device I couldn’t believe there was no Calendar view of tasks. This hurts my brain! Hope to check this page for some kind of hack for this, the Gc is not working out smoothly…