Calendar overview is gone (both mobile and Mac)

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Earlier, when I opened Asana the homescreen would give the option ‘calendar’. Now it’s gone

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Hi @Dorien_van_der_Schot, welcome to our Community Forum, and sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. Would you be able to share more information about this calendar option? To clarify, was that one of the views in your My Tasks? In what part of Asana was this option previously located?

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Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for getting in touch so quick. Previously, this calendar option was available on the ‘homescreen’ (see picture and circle). Now I can put projects in a calendar view, but I want all my projects with tasks that have a deadline, in one calendar (including project colors)

Kind regards,

Hi @Dorien_van_der_Schot, I’ve checked with our team internally, and we don’t recall having a calendar option on the home page either. Calendar is usually only available in the project view and in your my tasks view. At this time we don’t have a calendar option on the home screen, so I’m wondering if this was an experiment that has since been completed and wasn’t deployed. Can you remember when this option disappeared for you?

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for checking. The calendar I was used to, disappeared after the wknd. Also, when I go to My Tasks, the calendar is completely empty. And when I add a date to a task in a project, nothing appears on my calendar.

Hi @Dorien_van_der_Schot, thanks for the additional information. I believe our Support team would be best equipped to investigate this for you since they have access to tools and information we don’t have here in the Forum.

Would you be able to contact Support and send them some screenshots and the ID’s of some tasks with due date that are not appearing in the calendar view?

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