Calendar view in projects & My tasks - add ability to jump to months like in Teams calendar view

My calendar view no longer lets me select a month or year to jump to. Now all I see is a back/forward arrow where I have to click over and over to get to the Month/Year I need. Is this a related bug to what is being reported on this thread?

Hi @Michele_King , indeed, what you are referring to is the flyout calendar as per below which appears to be only available in a Team’s calendar view:

For the Calendar view in My Tasks and Projects, this appears as per below:

Not sure why the discrepancy… :person_shrugging:

Thank you for the response. The screenshots you provided are exactly correct. Here’s the situation - We have a project set up as a master calendar. The default view for this project is “Calendar View”. Up until yesterday, 3/24/23, anyone in the project could use the flyout calendar to quickly navigate around month to month or year to year. Now, that capability is no longer there. The explanation you provided is helpful but I don’t think it explains what’s occuring in my organization. Any additional insights are appreciated. Yes, please branch to a new topic as necessary. Thank you!

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Hi @Marie do you have any insights regarding this change?

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Not at the moment @Richard_Sather but I’ll circle back here as soon as I do!


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We have a project that is used as a master calendar and the default project view is “calendar”. For 2+ years, we have used the flyout calendar feature in this project to easily jump from year to year, month to month. As of late March that feature disappeared and has not returned. Now we have to click left/right arrows over and over to navigate by month.

Steps to reproduce:

Open a Project then “Calendar” view. Top left corner next to “Today” button is where the Flyout Calendar used to be. Now we see left/right arrows but no flyout calendar.

Browser version:

Chrome Version 111.0.5563.147

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?


Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Michele_King , this is the current behaviour so I have merged your post into this existing thread.

It was not the current behavior two weeks ago. I wish there was a way for this note to reach and be acknowledged by the Asana bug team without it having to be a community post. After a day or so the message gets buried. No one from Asana has responded or explained why we, as business users, had a feature in our projects that just went away one day with no explanation. It’s not a new request to have a flyout calendar in project calendar views. It was there for years. We just want back what disappeared two weeks ago. I appreciate your careful management of the forum but I still think this deserves a direct response from Asana support.

Hi @Michele_King , apologies I just realised you were the same person who posted the original post!
You are right, it was there all along and thus not a new request, so I appreciate your frustration.

In hindsight, let’s move this to the bugs section where perhaps @Vanessa_N can provide some insight also.

PS: in Timeline view, as of today, I see no arrows at all (as the ones you show circled above in Calendar view)

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Thank you @Richard_Sather ! I reached out through chat to Asana support and was told the flyout calendar was indeed removed in the update a few weeks ago. So, it appears, the downgrade was intentional. When asked what the rationale behind this change was I did not get an answer. I wonder if the calendar filtering rollout had something to do with it? Regardless, the removal of the flyout calendar has really disrupted the productivity we once enjoyed and this project in particular was one of the most heavily used across our org so the impact is felt by us all. As the ambassador for Asana in our org, I’m taking incoming from staff and the downgrade hasn’t been great for my advocacy of this platform. :frowning:

In some cases, such changes usually pave the way for new updates which might be coming soon, or indeed the calendar filtering still has a few features to be added to it… :person_shrugging:

Is there any possibility of this feature being brought back in a future update?