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I LOVE ASANA! It have tried every productivity and team platform out there. They are all missing stuff I can find in Asana. BUT the only thing (to me) Asana is missing, is a month-by-month calendar view.

I am a visual person, like many are. And like organizing my content by looking at the overall monthly picture. It would be AMAZING to see one month at a time, opposed to seeing the endless scrolling of dates. It just overwhelms by eyeballs and I cannot focus on the month at hand. BOTH VIEWS ARE COOL & have a place. But the additional view option would ROCK MY WORLD!


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Calendar month view is available in projects and also my tasks.


My tasks:

Or is there anything else you are looking for?

Thank you so much for your reply. It was nice nice of you to take your time :slight_smile:
I think I am probably just super picky haha

I would love to be able to see just one month at a time and not the view there the previous and next month are shown

But I definitely see where clicking on the months would help. Thank you!!!


Oh okay now I understand, thanks for explaining.

My month view does not have the drop down arrow. Calendar only shows two weeks on the screen. How can the full month be viewed?

Hello Andrea, Would you please support me? I couldn’t find the monthly views for the calendar project. How can I access the feature in the picture you have attached?

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When you open one of your projects just switch to the calendar view tab and you will be able to use the arrows to change the month.

Now in “My Tasks” locate the “+” symbol on the right-hand side
Click on it to reveal other options such as changing to “Month view” and also show or hide weekends, etc

Hi Andrea,
I’m knew to Asana and getting my head around a few things. Is there any setting I can change to make the calendar view as the Default not the week?
I know it’s only a couple more mouse clicks but we work on monthly data not weeks, and it would just make things a little easier.

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You can change it to month view at the top right of your project

And once you changed it click on “save view”

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