Week views for calendars?

We’re interested in moving our editorial calendars to Asana, but by default it only shows a monthly view. After five or so tasks on a day, you have to click to expand to see the rest of the lists. There are some days where we may have 30+ items we’re trying to track — is there any way to browse Asana’s calendar by day or week, or third-party solutions? If not, how do people manage with the monthly view only?


Great topic! I have a hunch that @paulminors would have helpful insights here :smiley:

I suppose you could do an advanced search and set it to return results within a specified date range. Advanced searches have their own calendar tab that you could then star to keep handy.

@caseynewton here’s how I have my content calendar setup in Asana. For your situation, you could maybe use a custom field like I am and then have a saved search to search for tasks in your content project that are “finalised” or “in progress” and then view content that’s in progress or finished and coming up this week.

I am also frustrated with the calendar view and print options. I’m trying to see and print just a month, but when I have a month selected in the top right, it seems to show a few weeks before and after the specified month. When I try to print, by default the print seems to be the start of the project through the month specified, not a single month. I need to make notes in meeting and need to see a months view only. There is not a functioning date span to view only the dates you want, only the month specification, which seems to include more dates than I actually want.

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We actually expected to live in the Calendar view of our content calendar project, but instead we almost always use the List view. Our sections are months, and we keep the tasks (content items) in order of due date. If we had 30 items due on the same day (!!!), they would all be visible on consecutive rows. We mostly use the Calendar view to see what days we’re short on content, so we can come up with something evergreen to put out.

@paulminors, the link you posted seems to have expired or changed. Is there a new version?

Here you go, try this one @Craig_Fifer Content calendar

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Thanks, looks like I’ve already come across that post and liked it. :slight_smile:

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the link you posted seems to have expired. could you share new version? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: