Printing monthly calendar

Hi! I’ve tried a few methods suggested here to print a project calendar and cannot get it to work. Please advise on how to print several months of a calendar and also download as PDF.

Thank you!


Hi @Karyn_Lee-Garcia, you can print a project’s calendar by going the project’s Calendar tab, then selecting “Export/Print” from the project menu, and finally “Print…” In order to print several months, simply scroll down several months in the Calendar view before you go to print it. You should also be able to save as PDF from the printing menu.

Hope that helps!

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Unfortunately, this does not work for me. When I select “Export/Print” and then “Print…”, the calendar comes up just as small blocks. And, there’s no way for me to scroll down to incorporate more months into the Calendar. This is beyond frustrating. I’m also using CHROME is this information is at all useful. Thank you!

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Hi everyone, this still seems to be an ongoing issue - has anyone discovered a work around or has any functionality changed that I might have missed? Thanks, Mariah

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Still wondering if there is a method to export as pdf month by month. Currently I can export, but it randomly creates the page breaks, not sorted by month and I cannot select which months to print. Any updates here???


I am looking for a way to export my project by monthly calendars with due dates embedded. I want to print each month separately. Seems like this has been an issue before too. Can you shed some light on whether this is being worked on and what ETA is expected?

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Hi @anon12495154, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

While it is not currently possible to print monthly calendars from a project, hopefullt this is something we can see our Product team implement soon!

I’ll keep you psoted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

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Any progress on this? How am I supposed to share the calendar in a report to my Board of Trustees if I can’t print it to pdf? Is there any good workaround?


Hi I am not able to print from calendar view - any help?

Hi I am also having trouble export/print. I have project in calendar view and select export/print, the preview is coming up with two blank pages. I have not had issues previously with this. Has something changed that I need to be doing?

I have the same issue and it’s November 3rd! This should be a basic function - to select what dates to print or PDF… Frustrating!


Basically useless to me without that basic function.


Hello Rebecca,

Our office would greatly benefit from being able to create projects and print out monthly calendar’s for our brokers to see on a daily basis. Especially if it’s able to be printed in color and look similar to Asana’s digital design.

Please let me know if this is in the works with the Product Team.
Thank you!


I am here a year later and we are still experiencing the same problem! My office would greatly benefit from being able to properly print this calendar as well and it is frankly unacceptable that, as a business, you just refused to fix this problem after so many of your customers complained about it. Might be the reason we switch to a new software. Email me at if you ever get around to fixing this issue.

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We have weekly meetings at my office, and would love the option to print the tasks of the week related to several projects. Much like the option to print a Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Hope you guys make this an option soon.

Four years later, and this is still an issue.

What ever came of this? I still can’t export or print just the calendar. Why is this so hard?

This is march 14, 2023 and I also can’t print the calendar that format correctly. Such a basic function. Please give us an update.

Same issue here.

It is funny that Asana want to be seen as a professional software but it it is lacking fundamental functions. I had to switch from Click-Up to Asana (changed my employer) and this differences are way beyond innumerable. Just the calendar misses following tools to make Asana even considerable: - I can’t export selected calendar month,

  • I can’t filter custom tags / field
  • I can’t change the view to quarter, half-year, year
  • I can’t select the data I want to export (e.g.: just export tasks w/o subtasks, just export tasks and their milestones, export tasks with filtered custom fields and so on and so on)

Therefore, I can’t export Reporting, Release Calendars of specific products, etc. And this is a very substantial element to my work.

@Rebecca_McGrath it’s really hard to like Asana if you’re coming from Click-Up and have to work on it.
Please fix that, a completely adaptable export and view functions are crucial for teams all around the globe and necessary if you ever want to be a serious competitor to Click-Up, Jira, etc.