How can I print my project steps in the list view with their periods and not only their deadlines

Dear All,
out of the list view I want to print my project (all the steps) to distribute it to other collegues. I want to show the period of the single project steps.
The print out only shows the project steps with their deadlines.
Thanks for your help.
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The Asana built-in printing is not configurable, You may want to consider my extension:

which offers many standard report formats and is flexible to create nearly any output format with custom reports.

I’m not clear from your description exactly what you’re looking for because when you refer to steps, periods and deadlines, those are not Asana terms/features and what you mean could be implemented in Asana with Sections Subtasks, Milestones, or other ways. But Asana2Go handles most all of them.


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I’m kind of glomming on/hijacking here, but it is a printing question for A2G. Please see the short video below. Let me know if I should have posted this elsewhere?

Thanks, Larry!

Vidyard Recording?

Hi @Josh_Nelson,

All these things can be done very easily with custom reports in Asana2Go based off the standard ones. I can create those for you or you can enlist someone with basic HTML, CSS, and rudimentary templating language knowledge, and willingness to read the Asana2Go help or watch videos.

Unless these questions directly correspond to an existing thread here in the Forum, Asana2Go-only support should be handled by clicking “Contact” at

or going to the Support tab at Asana2Go - Chrome Web Store



Will do on all, @lpb; thanks so much.

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