Customize Print Output

Would it be possible to allow for customizing the Print output? Either custom CSS or formatting. Maybe the option of choosing what data displays and where.

I have been trying to figure out the best way to present a project plan to a client, but have not found something that I would consider to be an acceptable format. It would also be great if we could add some of our branding such as logo and brand coloring.

As a side note, maybe there’s an integration that does something similar already? I saw a post about creating a website from a project which may be along the lines of what I could be looking for: Turn any Asana project into a webpage: interesting?


Indeed my idea “turn any Asana project into a webpage” would do the trick! Subscribe on to get notified!

That’s great news. I subscribed for updates. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Also curious if Asana has plans to allow for customizing the Print output.

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Colin has addressed a major shortcoming in Asana. Particularly with custom fields, you should be able to determine whether or not they print, and how. Right now it just adds every custom field as a new row which is garbage


@Colin_Flanders a version of my tool is available on I still have minor bugs but it is mostly working.

+1 for being able to customize the print output

Some examples:

  • Turning task descriptions on / off
  • Turning subtasks on / off (this is possible for search results, but does not work for the printed output)
  • Changing the font size (project names are ridiculously large)

If I am forgetting a feature that does this, please let me know. I am not interested in a workaround since it is not worth the effort in our specific case. We just need a simple way to print our talking points for meetings we have with our ‘paper bound’ clients. The way the printouts look at the moment I can not give them to our clients. They are way too ugly :smiley:

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As much as I enjoy using Asana, something that has always bothered me is how poorly the print function works. I don’t understand where there isn’t at least a few options alter when selecting to print a task or calendar view.

Here is just a few things I would like to see:

  • Be able to change the text size
  • Option to print attachments
  • Option to remove assignee from beginning of task name
  • Add project name to task when in calendar view

I could go on but these are the main things I would hope to see in future updates. I know Asana is designed to be entirely web based but people in my organization still like to have hard copies of things. I’m not sure why there are virtually zero options to mess with when choosing to print tasks. Instead of adding features like “Milestones” that barely serve any purpose, I’d suggest taking a look at improving the print feature.


One big thing I forgot to mention is why do completed tasks automatically get formatted with a strike through. It makes it 100x more annoying to read and it would be nice to just have a simple check mark next to a completed task instead.

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@Evan_Urbani, Asana’s own Print doesn’t offer any customizability.

An option is to use Asana2Go (Disclosure: I’m the creator of it.) The app and basic info are there; see for more articles and videos on Asana2Go.

It offers many built-in print formats and unlimited customizability, which would allow you to handle some, but not all, your requests. This requires some HTML/CSS knowledge. I offer custom reports if you need assistance; contact me by Private Message here or via the links above.

Totally agree! I have had myself some suggestions on this topic (see below), but nothing was taken into consideration yet!


This is what I came to see if anyone had a solution to yet. It drives me nuts. Right now I’m doing the trial and I could really sell this thing to the company’s owners if we could print hard copies of tasks once they are completed to be filed with the rest of that order’s invoice. I love asana because I can have my sales team keep real time track of progress in the warehouse but once the order is finished, I need to be able to print a hard copy that’s easily readable and reference-able. I’d also like to be able to change the size of font, get rid of that strike through, and print the comments added all on a single sheet if it all fits.

I’ve needed task management system for my warehouse forever and the office team is loving it. But this is just one of the few headaches that are really big about this system. Please update asap!

Printing only active tasks in a Project

Hello all!

Currenlty we can export a project tasks and we get a very nicely formatted page that we can print or PDF, it looks very nice and keeps the same formatting, using sections and expanding subtasks.
What would be great is to be able to customise the print with a couple of simple filteting:

  • Export all tasks or only completed or incomplete. We might want a simple task list of what’s feft to do to print.
  • Specify which sections to print. One could print only one section from the […] menu.
  • for the Fancy pants :jeans:: pick a number of nodes to expand and print. We might want to only see main tasks, not sub-tasks. Or just see the first layer of sub tasks and nothing past that.

For example:

  • Our sales team is having weekly meetings running from one on-going project. We recently had a couple of non-computer savy people that need to input and we print for them a list of incomplete tasks like some sort of agenda.
  • Being able to print only incomplete tasks whilst keeping the section formatting would save time for our team, as well as help with adoption of Asana.
  • Having to manage an extra list of tasks from an exiting filtered list wastes time , and can frustrate some of our users .
  • We tried to use the advanced report to filter out what we are after , but this returns a list of tasks in a jumbled order and no longer take sections into considerations.

I hope the above request is simple enough to implement, all I am after is printing incomplete tasks, the rest are cool features that I came up with whilst writing this.



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Hi @Jonathan_Stern, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

thanks @Rebecca_McGrath

I would like to print a simple list of tasks under a particular tag or project - just the key data I see in list view - however printing includes everything in the task description, sometimes can be a long email thread. So a list of 10 tasks could end up taking 30 pages! It should be possible to choose to print the description or not.

@Malik_F_MD_RC you can consider using Asana2Go where you can customise further! @lpb will be able to advise, he created the tool.


My Asana2Go offers many standard reports some of which sound like they’d meet your need. Have a look for articles and videos or just give it a try.



Thanks Larry will check it out!

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