More Options for Printing Tasks

As much as I enjoy using Asana, something that has always bothered me is how poorly the print function works. I don’t understand where there isn’t at least a few options alter when selecting to print a task or calendar view.

Here is just a few things I would like to see:

  • Be able to change the text size
  • Option to print attachments
  • Option to remove assignee from beginning of task name
  • Add project name to task when in calendar view

I could go on but these are the main things I would hope to see in future updates. I know Asana is designed to be entirely web based but people in my organization still like to have hard copies of things. I’m not sure why there are virtually zero options to mess with when choosing to print tasks. Instead of adding features like “Milestones” that barely serve any purpose, I’d suggest taking a look at improving the print feature.

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