add - Print all/selected items of a section including subtasks and pictures

I do have to provide work orders in paper, so I need to be able to print/export specific items of a section.
To my surprise NONE of the task manager applications supports this (Planner, ToDo, Trello, … they dont have this either)! O.o

Please add a “print/export” option to the dropdown menus of the section as well as individual items.

further Print settings:

  • description yes/no
  • subtasks yes/no
  • comments yes/no
  • images yes/no
  • one page per item yes/no

Printing the attached images is critical for me when I hand this out to a technician.


  1. section → dropdown menu → print
  2. choose between “all” and “select items” → select which items to print
  3. print options, select what information should get printed
  4. print
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Welcome, @Christian_Holzer,

Until/if Asana provides this natively, you can use Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) to help with some of these needs (but no Comments or Attachments).



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Sadly the ability to print the entire task including the attached images is essential. If Asana adds this then i will switch to it in an instant as it will make my live a lot easier.

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See previous issue that was resolved.

Per this post, printing of tasks to pdf should include images. I have tested this several times in several projects and it is not working.

This is used when using Asana for meetings, task, etc. and impacts usability.

New issue opened: Request #821397

Can you tell us anything on this important bug? The inability to archive/ save the task as a PDF with the pictures attached (printed as viewed in the task) reduces the efficiency and usability

Why is there no timeline print option available to have a hard copy version for clients and in-house, etc? This seems like a very basic project management requirement. Is this on Asana’s todo list, as I can see the complaints for this date back several years and it may mean us needing to move PM systems.

Hi Larry, are there any instructions on using this, I’ve added the app but have not been able to export the full project list. Thanks.

Welcome, @Rachel_Holland,

In the post you’re replying to, there are linked instructions to articles, videos, and the Asana2Go website.

When you run Asana2Go, there’s a Help link with extensive in-app help.

If you’re writing a custom format there’s a Helpers tab with extensive in-app documentation of the Asana API and augmented fields.

If you still need help, please contact me describing what you want to do, what you tried, what you expected, and what happened.