Invoicing Export Feature

I’m wondering if there is an app or feature that collect particular pieces of an Asana project to create a nice and neat 1-2 page invoice to print. Currently our printed invoices are including everything; tasks, comments, etc.

Welcome, @Nick_Cachiaras,

A good list of third-party apps for this would be Asana Apps - Reporting.

One of those is my own which may work for you:



Thanks Larry,

I’m looking at it right now and watching a video for using it. Essentially we’re trying to limit the details that are being printed. I’d love for us to have a something custom to output the right details.

We would like the following displayed:

  • Customer Information
  • Sub Task Descriptions
  • Sub Task Prices
  • No Comments
  • Customer Total


That should be possible with someone with very basic HTML and CSS (and minor templating) expertise.

The end of the video shows the process.

If you have further questions, please contact me offline at Contact Trilogi.