Asana2Go: Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly (Free for most users/companies)

Asana2Go is a popular multi-purpose tool that allows you to copy, export (CSV for Excel and Google Sheets, JSON), and print (or save to PDF) from Asana flexibly.

To see what it can do, and how to use it, watch this video.

Novices: Just select your tasks and a predefined report format and go. Experts: Create your own formats, essentially giving you access to the power of the Asana API without a complex programming language – use Markdown or HTML and a templating language with built-in editing helpers and examples.

Asana2Go addresses requests regularly seen here in the Community including many of those in this thread. It works with both free and premium Asana accounts, reads but does not write/modify anything in your Asana, and as a Chrome Extension (also works on the MS Edge browser) requires no extra login/authentication.

Initial beta testers (thank you!) have liked the tool, so now I’m opening up the beta and looking forward to hearing what you think and seeing what you do with this new tool (feel free to use Export to send me any interesting formats you make!).

As an intensive Asana user since 2012. I created Asana2Go for my own use and for my clients. Asana2Go is released with assistance (thanks @Bastien_Siebman) from the Asana Micro Incubator project and is part of the Asana Superheroes toolbox.


Larry Berger
Trilogi Software: Asana Consulting

PS Asana2Go has no direct affiliation with Asana the company.

PPS Output from two of the predefined report formats appears below:


Larry was gracious enough to let me do some beta-testing with Asana2Go. This is a great reporting tool. I encourage everybody to give it a test and we are not affiliated. This is going to be ground-breaking in printing hard copy reports as well as sending PDF to users or non users for reporting. Great job!!! So here is a great example.

Use Asana’s tremendously powerful Advance Search including saved Favorites, sort to your desire, print to PDF driver of your choice ie, PDF Print Driver, (lots PDF programs have a print driver that opens up your PDF Program) ie, Acrobat, Nuance Power PDF …that then lets you email to anyone you choose including back to a task in Asana. Very useful.


Will try and test this out at some point, looks handy.

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LOVING THIS!!! We’ll be testing this for our team.

As a beta tester, I was SUPER IMPRESSED by Larry’s Chrome extension (I’m not affiliated with Larry). I wrote an article about it with some more thoughts after using it for many hours: Finally, create free, nice-looking reports for Asana with Asana2Go

Attached is an example of a report with some customizations (including the Custom Field “Status”) I set up. I think that’s the type of beautiful report users have been craving but has been difficult to get.

What are you waiting for? Try it out!

Todd Cavanaugh
Training & Consulting for Asana

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I did some beta testing too (also unaffiliated) and I was really impressed with this integration. I’ve read a lot of requests/issues in the Community that will be solved by this tool. Definitely worth a try. Good luck with it, Larry.

This looks very useful, thanks!

P.S. Your asana app layout looks custom, can you share how you did that? Thank you.


I don’t think there’s anything custom in my app layout itself other than the project’s highlight color (kind of a blue-green) which you can set in the left pane–the overflow (“…”) menu next to the project’s name. Of course the output layout is all unique from the extension.


Larry Berger
Trilogi Software: Asana Consulting

Actually the design I’m talking about is this one I see in your video:

But mine looks like this: Image 2018-07-07 at 12.09.1...

Ahh. See this thread and the links within; I guess it’s still slowly being rolled out maybe:

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Giving this a try. Thanks for making this Larry!

First of all. I’m loving this plugin! It gives my team a nice, easy way to export our current tasks and share with our clients.

I have one into one issue though: I’m unable to show custom fields for sub-tasks. We’re attempting to show the Status of each task, which is a custom field with selections like “Planning, In-Progress, In-Review” etc.

For top level tasks I use {{custom_fields_simple.Status}} and am able to output the Status of those tasks. For subtasks, that same code, {{custom_fields_simple.Status}}, does not show the value of the custom field for that task. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Seth_Stevenson, and I’m so glad you’re using the extension including the ability to customize, it sounds like.

I’m afraid that, for subtasks, the extension only provides access to a couple dozen subtask properties (which are enumerated in the Helpers tab > Tasks/Subtasks > Subtasks list). This is because of the way the extension collects them currently through the API; it would be possible to change, but not trivial, and would be a performance hit relative to the current approach, I believe.

Maybe this workaround could help you: If you could use and Advanced Search to collect your result list that you want to report on, making those subtasks appear as main (top-level) tasks, then you could use Asana2Go to show their custom fields. But I recognize that if your report needs both the parent task info, and the subtask info, this wouldn’t work for you; in that case, sorry! I tried to make it as flexible as possible but there are definitely limits.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

Any chance you would open-source the extension? Otherwise, if it’s an option, there’s a possibility my company would pay for contract work to update the extension with this feature.

Regardless, thank you for this tool!

Thanks, @Seth_Stevenson, and I’ll PM you now with a reply…

I just wanted to close the loop and mention that any Asana2Go users will already have been auto-updated a few days ago with the requested feature of access to custom fields in subtasks (if they have any custom fields), and the built-in documentation/field picker “Helpers” tab for Tasks/Subtasks was updated too.



Love the format of this report Todd - Is it too cheeky to ask for the template so I can butcher for my own purposes?

Ok so everyone is making there own reports and extracts using Asana2go which is great but what would be really good is if we could setup a library of reports so we don’t have to figure it out.

Could we do it on here or is there somewhere that would be better?

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Hi @jason.hale, I agree this would be nice and while I’ve considered solutions for this, I don’t have anything formal to offer yet.

This forum is good for dialog on topics like this, but I don’t think it would be appropriate as a solution for the report repository.

I’d encourage you (and others) to discuss things here, but to Private Message me here or in email at (I’ll promptly reply by email) if you’d like to share any contributions until there’s another way.



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HI @lpb – Great work on Asana2Go. Have a quick question that might be helpful for others in this community as well. I’ve been exploring your solution as a way to help summarize a list of key projects we’re working on across multiple Asana projects. We’ve got a workflow locked down, and I’ve had moderate success customizing one of your basic table templates. However, the next question is how do I make this customized html page accessible across our org?

Do you have any suggestions on how to go about embedding or distributing it? I’m trying to avoid posting or emails PDFs around.