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Hello Asanas,

Quick question/suggestion. I have a member of my team who is great at focussing on paper list, but struggles with lists on a screen.
It would be ace for me to allow this member to print the tasks in the “My Tasks” as a simple list. Unfortunately, when I click “print” in the menu close to the project name/person name, the PDF that is generated contains all the description of the task. This does not allow a simple overview of tasks.
Is there any (non techy/geeky) way to print a simple list of tasks without any other info (or just allow the user which level of information to keep in the print)?



Agree with this. I was told only possibility is to export to Excel and manipulate.


HI @Carlo! I suggest that you export My Tasks as a CSV. Just click the carrot next to the My Tasks header, select export, and then CSV.


Hi @Alexis

Unfortunately if I manage another person’s tasks (as a PA for example), the CSV won’t contain the TODAY/UPCOMING/LATER information.

AFAIK there is no simple way of printing a list of tasks for someone, without the content of the task, but including relevant info like project, deadline and so on…

Am I missing something?


Another option is to do an advanced search for task assigned to “name,” then sort by due date and print or export that advanced search.


Hi @Alexis

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately the due date is not necessarily related to what a person has in “Today” or “Upcoming” and those information are already available in the CSV export…

I haven’t found a solution which suits the need yet!

Thanks though!

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Try using the print command in the browser’s menu, not Asana’s print command nor ctrl-p. Then use a scissors to cut off Asana’s silly message on the page saying that printing what don’t want is nicer than what you do want.

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If this is something you need to do often, what I would recommend is to use @Alexis’s suggestion of an advanced search, but also include in the advanced search the field “Today/Upcoming/Later.”

Then create a saved report for each level needed: Today, Upcoming, and Later. You’ll get several different lists you have to print separately, but if segmenting by Today/Upcoming/Later is critical then that’s how I’d do it. The other advantage is you can sort by whichever way makes sense (i.e. “by project”) and still have it segmented into Today, Upcoming, and Later.

Todd Cavanaugh


I’ve been wanted the same “simple print” option. Sometimes you just want a short list of items (one-pager)…not with all the details and descriptions included.


Would something like my CSV To PDF creator help you?Simple Report.pdf (22.2 KB)


Further more, the print out option also contains all completed tasks. For a small project this can be handy, but longer ongoing projects (or lists) it just become messy and unnecessary.

Basically I think we need options when printing is used. ie option to hide descriptions and option to hide completed tasks etc. @James_Carl’s suggestion is great.

I asked support for this 2 years ago. I thought they might have sorted it by now!!

Also (unrelated), can we please have search support for special characters ⎋ , # etc.


@Tim_Jasper Hope you know that I created a CSV to PDF converter subject to the limitations of Asana CSV and am giving it away free to the community. That is what I created the report with. CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community


+1000000 for improved printing and/or export to PDF. The on-screen list UI looks great; but the print layout is garbage. We’ve resorted to screencapping, but that doesn’t work for long projects unless we manually seam each screencap. We’ve also tried apps like Paparazzi, which do capture full webpages, most of the time. Asana’s use of frames seemingly makes such tools useless. This is similar to an issue we have with a “native” version of Asana wrapped in Fluid; printing is extra broken when using that implementation. Please fix printing! it’s absolutely essential for some meetings/clients, and a nice color-laser of your existing list UI would more than meet our needs (because it looks good). Thanks in advance!!!


@acenright Did you try my tool,

Maybe I an responding to something that was fixed long ago (I can’t see the year of the previous posts), but I use the print function under the Project Name carat (at the top of the task list) - this is also available under the carat under “My Tasks” if you want to print everything.

Hope this at least helps someone who is viewing this post!


Hi Carlo, did you manage to find a solution? Same problem here…

@Jose_Calejo_Guerra I wrote a small php app that allows you to generate an HTML page to print the name of the tasks in Today and Upcoming. At the moment is hardcoded to my IDs, but I can try and expand it, put it on a small server and if you want to use it…

Let me know if you’d like to be my guinea pig.


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Hello asanas!

Seen that I don’t have windows, hence @James_Carl solution is not available to me, I have decided to implement a “quick, cheap and dirty” solution to print the tasks in “My Tasks”. I wanted something available online, so I built a small web app for that.

Now, the small app is in TOTAL BETA, and if you decide to use it I can’t guarantee it works. What I can guarantee is that it only reads 3 things:

  • workspaces
  • users
  • tasks

The tool does not write anything to your asana

To print your tasks (or the tasks of another member of your team) you just need to:

  1. head to
  2. login in through asana
  3. click on the workspace you want to work with
  4. click on the user you want to print the tasks

A new page will open with the “Today” and “Upcoming” tasks in a printable format.

Please note:

  • If you print someone else’s tasks, you can only see the tasks you have access to
  • The web application comes with no warranties. I have tried it and it works
  • The app does not have any design. It is pure functionality and nothing else

If you feel like using it, please let me know your thoughts. In the next weeks I will try to add a nice theme and make it more user friendly.

Please let me know if you have any question.

PS: if you have HTML/CSS/Design skills and want to collaborate, give me a shout!



PS: if anyone wants to have a peek at the quickly written source code in php, please check out

When printing tasks in Asana, I don’t mind the extra information. For some reason I can print anyone’s tasks except my own. Can anyone tell me how to make it print my tasks.
When I hit print it shows no tasks on the page to be printed?

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