Printing "My Tasks"



Hmm that’s odd. When you’re in your My Tasks you should be able to print by clicking the drop down arrow at the top of the page and selecting print. If that’s not working, I suggest that you refresh the page and even clear the cache just in case. In general, I also recommend printing by using the drop down arrow within Asana as opposed to “file-print.”


Hi Carlo,

I liked your app. The output is exactly what is required, a simple summary of all your outstanding tasks. How easy, or difficult, would it be to sort this list by Project?

Many thanks


Hi Gary,

It would not the end of the world, but it would still take me a few hours. Unfortunately those are exactly a couple of hours I don’t have :smiley:

I will keep your comment in mind though!



Hi Carlo,

Totally understand. I have the same problem… not enough hours in a day.


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The simple solution would be Asana now show the silly message at the top of the normal browser print. We should not have to do any work arounds to just print a list.


Actually that doesn’t work its cut off the bottom of the screen! Due to the tasks being in a scrolling window. So basically there no suitable way to print tasks which is quite shocking really.


Printing a simple list becomes even more difficult in my situation as I have emails attached to each task. Asana prints the task heading, but then prints the emails under each task. Therefore a list of 150 tasks generates a report of a 572 pages!!!

Asana please give us the option to chose what level of detail (fields) that are included in our printed reports eg List of Task Descriptions sorted by Project then by Due Date

To export the current layout of Asana reports to CSV and Exports is frustrating and uses time I do not have.


More options to control the printed output is an absolute must! We love the forwarded email functionality within asana, but due to the default printing of descriptions, it creates problems. We either get to print OR use emails as tasks.


Asana. Can we please have some realistic feedback on this issue? It is crazy ridiculous that we still don’t have basic printing functionality in Asana. I requested this 4 years ago when I first started exploring Asana. Then again 2 years ago and still this isn’t solved. Please just allow us to print the current list (scrolled).


I hear you, Jasper. As with every feature request, this is something the team is required to prioritize alongside all the other requests we receive from customers. However, I will suggest this as an option for a hackathon project - perhaps a passionate team member would be able to make an update during a free hackathon window.


When does the hackathon start :slight_smile:


Lol @James_Carl I’m not sure and as you know I can’t make any promises. :laughing: But it’s an idea worth bringing up!


@Alexis here is another idea that might be worth bringing up that probably is of lesser scope. The ability to collapse all/Expand All to the Team level on the left pane. It is so cumbersome scrolling and looking in multiple Team (Department) environment. I always thought that hackathons were mini-sprints on small features so here you have mine. :slight_smile: Thanks


Thanks Luscutoff! :grin:


Just chiming in on this topic, is it possible to force the printing command from the “My Tasks” view to show items in the “Later” category? No matter what I do, it is always rolled up in the printout. I keep quite a few things in there that are backburner items to work on during quiet times.


Hi all,

I am having an issue printing my tasks in asana. I categorize my tasks as “today”, “upcoming”, and “later” just like many of you. However, when I use the asana dropdown to print it will not print any of the tasks i have marked for “today”. It looks like the today section is collapsed when it is not.

Also, I have printed my tasks in other workspaces just fine. So I am only having this issue in one particular workspace and cannot seem to figure it out

Would really appreciate any insights because I really like printing my tasks regularly and this has become a big roadblock for me


This has been a bug for a while (later collapsed).


I am not talking about later being collapses. I am talking about the Today section being collapsed.


Hi @Jacob_Laser - I’ve reached out to my colleagues on the support team for printing troubleshooting advice that may help you. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update! :slight_smile: