Exporting/printing a task list


Hi. Struggling to find in the features help pages a way to export (ideally) or print a project task list for use outside Asana or for those without asana access. Can anyone help?


Hi @Will_Sopwith

There are a few options . . .

  1. Export the project to CSV. You’ll find this option in the drop-down next to the project’s title:


  1. Export to the Bridge24 integration. Bridge24 does the same sort of thing as a CSV export, but with some additional options.
  2. Three Dots: Three Dots lets you turn an Asana project into a simple web page, accessible to anyone.

Hope that’s helpful! :+1:


cc @lpb you might be interested by this thread :wink:
Thanks Mark for mentioning 3dots :slight_smile:


@Will_Sopwith, in addition to the options @Mark_Hudson has listed, I have a brand new solution for this (and more) that is in a limited beta test right now. It will be more widely available late next week, but I’ll private message you now with details.




Thanks all


Also if you are a Windows environment check do search for My Gift To Community CSV to PDF Converter


There must be a way to create a simple todo list, sorted by whatever (usually date), without brain damage?

I understand that it is possible to export subsets of Asana tasks into supported interop formats (like CSV) and manipulate them using 3rd party apps… But we’re talking about a simple todo list in a task management app!

I’m amazed it already isn’t there. But all it would take would be a simple “Print w/o Details” button and we’re done.