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I am aware that we currently cannot export pictures in combination with tasks and would like to propose to find a solution for this. We are highly dependent on photos combined with selected task information which varies depending on which person is currently working on the task. I have two requests:

  1. The most ideal solution would be an export by PDF in which we can select which task information should be displayed next to the photo and in which format. Or at least an option to print.

  2. If 1) is too far from being realized would it be at least possible to include individual picture links in the csv exports? Then we could display them with the help of a macro in excel.

I would be glad to hear your feedback on this.

Hello @Moritz_Gottschalk

Could you elaborate more on the the first option? You can now ‘export’ a task into a PDF along side the task details and any other comments, even when an image is in the task itself.

Where you looking for something different?

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Hi Rashad,

Thank you very much for the feedback. I indeed was not 100 % clear. What we are essentially missing is a table with all information available that we can see in the list view but with a photo, similar to an excel file with photo in one column + task information in the other columns.

We can print the board view but it does not show all information related to the task. Printing single tasks on the other hand is consuming a lot of space on the paper and takes time. We work with hundreds of tasks in bulk and having a way to combine list and board view when printing would be a great help.

The major problem is providing photos and information in a compact format to people not working with Asana.

Point 2) could help us achieving it, then we could pull the photo data directly from the Asana server and create excel files based on the .csv export.

Many thanks for your support.

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Ah, I see!! thank you so much for the clarity.

I can think of one approach - let me know if this is what you are after:

  1. create a new project - Project Print (PP)
  2. Multi home tasks with images into PP
  3. Design it as a board project and only add fields or task names that are relevant to your client

When you need to print - go to project PP and export / print that project to share with your client.

If you have a lot of commonality between the type of images and the information required, you can create the above steps with Rules - that will automate a lot of the work you need.

Check out the guide on rules:

Let me know if this is what you are after :slight_smile:


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