Export task to PDF that includes attachments as PDF pages

My team is trying to recreate a workflow previously driven by DocuSign using approvals as subtasks in Asana. The challenge is that we need to be able to export and archive records of the task with approvals, plus the PDF attachments on that task, as these outline what the changes were and on what pages. Right now, we can export the task and task info as PDF, but attachments only appear as small thumbnail images. It would be FANTASTIC if when exporting a task as PDF, attachments to that task would also export as additional PDF pages so we could archive these files for reference and for non-Asana users. Thoughts?

Hey @Ericka_Paz,

there are a couple of integrations available such as Bridge24 for example that allow you to download attachments as well.

Thank you, @Andrea_Mayer! I appreciate the recommendation. I wonder if Bridge24 could also be a solution for extracting time tracking data/reporting for non-Asana users…

This I am not sure about, to be honest. I recommend reaching out to Bridge24 support and asking about it.