Print All Projects and Tasks At Same Time


Looking for a way to print all projects (including tasks for each project and subtasks) in one fell swoop. Right now, I click on each individual project, select print, and get a task/sub task printout for that individual project. If I have 10 projects, I’d like to print task lists for all with one print action rather than print each project task list individually.


That’s a tricky one, @JZ1, but I may have a solution. You could try to do this by running an Advanced Search report for tasks in the 10 projects (you can list them all in the “In Projects” field of the search). Then you can sort the search results by project and then print the results. Let us know if that works.


If you are running windows, look at @Katie suggestion, export to CSV and try the free program I donated under CSV to Project or My Gift to the Community. I would give you the link but on my IPhone.


Hey @JZ1! Here is the link @James_Carl is referring to CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community


Great! Thanks, all. Will give it a shot. My old Asana account (free) allows advanced search, my new account requires upgrading for advanced search. Will give the CSV export a shot.


Anyway to print just the selected tasks?


@Aron_Berger Free Beta: Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly with Asana2Go has this capability