Print incomplete project tasks

Is it possible to print only incomplete tasks in a project?

I print from the “Export/Print” option in the project drop down menu and it prints completed and incomplete tasks.

Hi @STerry - You can create an Advanced Search report to show just Incomplete tasks in that project and print that - How to search for and find work in Asana | Product guide • Asana.

You could even print out incomplete tasks across projects if you wish!


Thanks! This is really close to what I need. When I organize the results by project I do get the right list. When it formats for print it shows the completed and incomplete tasks again. I think this must be because within an incomplete task, I have a number completed and incomplete subtasks. Do you know if there a way to eliminate the completed subtasks from the print?

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STerry, I’m having the same problem. Did you get a resolution?


I am still having the same problem. For a while I was doing an advanced search for incomplete tasks on a specific project then organizing the results by project and getting tasks in the order I wanted. That isn’t working now. It’s too bad there don’t seem to be a solution for this.

Is there something coming up to make it possible to print within a particular project only showing incomplete tasks?

@Janine_Rose, I’m not aware of anything coming up from Asana for this, and they don’t publish their roadmap I’m afraid. An alternate solution is Asana2Go: Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly (Free for most users/companies) (Disclaimer: I’m the creator).


Hi, I came accross this issue today, it seems there has been no changes since the last post…

I have a user that would like to print a meeting Agenda minus the tasks that have been completed and it seems like it’s not possible.

I have tried the work around and created a report however this returns all a task in a weird order and the sections are losts in the process. Unless there is a way to do a report and keep the sections maybe?

I was thinking of another workaround to keep the pretty formatting and print only the incomplete Tasks by creating a new project adding all those tasks to print to tha ‘print project’ but this seems like a lot of unnecessary work.

Is there another solution that I have missed? in doubt, I have started a Product feedback request.