Print only Completed Task from a Particular Project

I use Asana as a tasklist with filters on Completed/Incompleted tasks, I used to print the list from my project daily and it used to print only the incomplete tasks (Perfect as per the requirement), Today I see the report is coming with completed tasks being strike-through, Is there any way to print just the incomplete task with due date sorted

Welcome, @Varun_Rajvanshi1,

I don’t believe anything has changed internally in Asana.

Instead, I think in the past you had filtered to only show Incomplete tasks:

But presently that’s not the case.

I just confirmed I see the same print preview as you showed without the Incomplete filter, but the tasks are excluded from the output with the Incomplete filter.

You might also be interested in Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) for more flexible printing:



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