Asana on Big Display



We would like to have Asana tasks on a big screen on our workshop.
We only want the incomplete tasks.

From these tasks we only need the Task name and Due date / Time.

We found this:

Works really nice. But we cannot figure out how to get only incomplete tasks.

We would like to have it in a layout like this:

Heading (in asana a task with a “:” at the end)
Task 1
Due Date - Due Time

Task 2 Due Date - Due Time
Task 3 Due Date - Due Time

Is there anyone that could help us with this?


This is an interesting solution, I hope someone can help! I’ll try to dig into it later today just for fun, but I doubt I’ll be much help - will be watching with great interest! =O


I found this:

And this is the result at this point:

So that looks good but now we only need the incomplete items.
And max lets say 20 items displayed. (Changeable in the script)


P.S. the complete status is in the Json as being; completed => 1 and if its not completed the output is: completed =>

so only a filter there and max 20 items then we are golden.


Maybe obvious, but to clarify @Kay_van_Aarssen - have you thought of just doing an advanced search for incomplete tasks and putting the search results on your big screen?