Asana on Big Display


We would like to have Asana tasks on a big screen on our workshop.
We only want the incomplete tasks.

From these tasks we only need the Task name and Due date / Time.

We found this: GitHub - ajimix/asana-api-php-class: A dependency free, lightweight PHP class that acts as wrapper for Asana API. Lets make things fast and easy! :)

Works really nice. But we cannot figure out how to get only incomplete tasks.

We would like to have it in a layout like this:

Heading (in asana a task with a “:” at the end)
Task 1
Due Date - Due Time

Task 2 Due Date - Due Time
Task 3 Due Date - Due Time

Is there anyone that could help us with this?

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This is an interesting solution, I hope someone can help! I’ll try to dig into it later today just for fun, but I doubt I’ll be much help - will be watching with great interest! =O

I found this:

And this is the result at this point:

So that looks good but now we only need the incomplete items.
And max lets say 20 items displayed. (Changeable in the script)

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P.S. the complete status is in the Json as being; completed => 1 and if its not completed the output is: completed =>

so only a filter there and max 20 items then we are golden.

Maybe obvious, but to clarify @Kay_van_Aarssen - have you thought of just doing an advanced search for incomplete tasks and putting the search results on your big screen?