Calendar - HIDE completed TASKS


Hey! Is there the option to hide completed tasks in the CALENDAR view? This functionality exists as a filter almost everywhere else. Thanks!

Feature Request :: Hide Completed Tasks In Calendar View

I think we’re on the same page! I love and prefer calendar view, but I want to be able to ONLY see incomplete tasks in each of the days on screen. And if I could have it all… Maybe the tasks disappear after a ~10 second delay :smiley:


Agreed, this would make the Calendar view a lot more valuable to me.


Me, too. Definitely would be nice to have that option.


Yes! This is definitely a needed feature!


There is something that you can do:

  • search advance all your incomplete tasks
  • select the Calendar view in results
  • Save as a report…

This is the workaround I use.


Advanced search is a premium feature. Myself and only one other person use Asana at my company (sad).

I would upgrade if there was a price for a single user, but I get the tiered structure Asana offers.


Hi there, we are new users to Asana and find it very useful and practical, however this feature will make life a lot easier and more productive! Asana, please see if you can help the community out here and just add a view that you have everywhere else already. Thanks!!


Yes, I agree fully - there needs to be a calendar view/filter that shows ONLY incomplete tasks - please make this happen ASANA!!!


Where are we at with this? Should be simple to just check the complete status before rendering the calader or timeline. I definitely need to hide completed tasks from the timeline view or its hard to tell what’s left to do in complex projects.