Missing view options for Tasks Completed recently



Hey guys,

I’ve noticed that you have (unfortunately for us) removed options how to view recently completed tasks.

Previeously I was able to view incompleted tasks + taks completed recently (day / week / etc).

Now there is only option “completed”. No more the additional option to show only recently completed…

Is there a way how to put it back please? Would you please reconsider keeping it there? :frowning:

This was a totally awesome feature. We were using for our scrum projects.

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Hi @Adam_Sabla!

Thanks for posting and sorry for any confusion. We’re currently testing a new project header that makes it easier for you to view your custom fields from a project level. As part of this change, we’ve restructured our sort menu. You do still have the ability to sort tasks by due date, simply click the gear icon in your project and select “due date” from the drop down menu.

<Insert screenshot similar to the one I pasted here but not that one because it’s of the S&L project which we don’t want shared externally>

Running tests like this allows our team to ensure we are providing the most value to you as quickly as possible—by building a feature, gathering learnings, and iterating based on these learnings. If you have additional feedback, please let me know and I’ll be sure to pass along to our product team!

Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you’d like to chat further.

Sort Tasks by Date

Hi @Alexis

Thanks for your reply!

You do still have the ability to sort tasks by due date

But that’s not what I need. I need:

  • tasks sorted by assignee
  • show incompleted tasks
  • show tasks completed yesterday

I was able to set it this way in previous version (see the screenshot from my previous post). Now I can’t, as there’s no option to choose which recently completed tasks I want to see (recently completed today / yesterday / 1 week / etc.).

This is what we need (following screenshot), except it would show only recently completed tasks (completed today and yesterday), not all completed tasks.


Hi @Adam_Sabla,

I’m Lawrence from the Asana Product team! Thanks so much for posting on the community - we love hearing about how you’re using the product and your product feedback.

Just to add on to Alexis’ advice, two other suggestions I may add. First, the Completed Tasks view is, by default, sorted by descending Completion Date (i.e. most recent tasks at the top), so you should be able to get a sense of recently completed work just by looking at what’s at the top of the list.

Second, there’s also the ability to do (and star) an Advanced Search limited to Completed Tasks within a time range. To do this:

  1. Go to the Search bar > Advanced Search
  2. Under “In Projects”, enter in your scrum project’s name
  3. Under “Completion”, set it to “Completed”
  4. Under “Add Filter”, add a Completion Date and indicate how many days / weeks back you’d like to see completed tasks for.

Hope this helps.

A question I have for you - I’d love to know a bit more about your use case for the Tasks Completed recently views. You mentioned you were using it for your scrum projects. Can you tell me a little bit more about how you use these views in your scrum? When in the scrum process did you use the views, what did the team use them for, how did it factor into any of your analysis or scrum processes, etc.?


Two kinds of "done" aka "incomplete + completed today" filter

Hi @Lawrence_Han

Thanks for suggestion! But it’s still not what we’re looking for. In the solution you suggested - there are not displayed incompleted tasks. We would like to see:

  • tasks sorted by assignee
  • completed within last 24 hours
  • all incompleted

I was possible with the previous view filters. Now it’s not…

Regarding our workflow. We imitate Jira software. We’re doing basically the same thing as a regular scrum in Jira.

We’ve also started to build our own burn down chart for asana, as there’s none yet (here’s the topic: SCRUM: Creating a burn down charts using custom fields)

The screenshot of the scrum project I posted earlier - we use it as… well… a scrum :smiley: It’s convenient to sort tasks by assignee, cos the everyone can use the project to see his/her scrum tasks at one place (not mixed tasks assigned to whoever else). And tasks of others as well. It’s a great way to see what everyone doing, done and will be doing at one place.


Hey guys,

We used this feature quite extensively as well and was surprised when it was missing.

Being able to see what you’ve completed today, along side the remainder of the tasks you have to complete for the day is an important feature we use to better manage our time, as well as view and share existing commentary on already completed jobs, without having to change the view or do tedious searches for hidden tasks.

Previously we were able to achieve something like this:

Where it showed tasks that still needed completing, along with tasks that have already been completed (either Today, Yesterday, 1 Week, 2 Weeks or 3 Weeks ago). Adam has a nice screenshot of the view that used to be available in his first post.

It seems the ability to reproduce this view is now missing from the current version of Asana.


Thanks for the reply Lawrence,

I feel that I am like the rest of the requesters in that the search alternative does not give the ‘default’ type of view that we could set up in the past where we were able to show all completed tasks (for up to 3 weeks old) and all incomplete tasks.

It would be great to have the ability brought back and if possible with a user defined time period.

Kind Regards


Thank you @Charl_Jooste and @Josh for voicing the requests and for the screenshots / color on the situation. We here on the Asana team love to see how you’re using the product, and we’ll certainly take these into consideration as we plan out future product enhancements!

Just to gain a little more clarity on your specific use cases, could you also detail where you are trying to look at Incomplete and Completed (with a time-based cut-off) tasks simultaneously (My Tasks, Projects, etc.), and a little more about the scenario where you are using that mixed view?



Hi @Lawrence_Han,

From my side I use it in two ways within each project:

  1. Monthly reports that are done periodically and the recently closed tasks in the project need to be kept in view as the actual work required for the reporting period spans several weeks

  2. In current projects I am also used to keeping track of the recently closed tasks without the need to switch between views or to have all the tasks that have ever been completed to be visible.

It might help that if you are explicitly implemented the change to leave it out for a specific reason, could you share that reasoning for us to understand why you have implemented the change in this particular way.

Kind Regards


Hey guys,

I’m also with Josh and Adam on this one.
I am hesitant to change the view in my main workspace out of fear of losing the ability to see at a glance my completed tasks during the day (or week!) - something I rely on daily.

Fantastic feature and definitely quite missed right now in new projects. Adding the original Show Recently Completed Tasks dropdown ("Show Recently Completed Tasks > Today, Yesterday, 1 Week, etc…) in the new view menu will help the peace of mind.


ASANA, PLEASE bring back the ability to sort completed tasks by (Today, Yesterday, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks)

This feature was VERY useful when dealing with my team’s weekly meetings to view all the tasks they have checkboxed as “complete”. You would select completed tasks, then 1 week, and it would bring up on one page, the most recent tasks completed in the past week, (since the last time we met)

now all it does, is show ALL tasks at once with no dates of when they were actually completed (you have to manually click on each task to view the complete date)

why did you remove this very useful feature? I see other’s are having the same issues I am

thank you


Hi @Nathan_Roberts! It looks like you’re a part of an a/b test - the same one Tim is seeing in this post, in which I clarify how a/b tests happen at Asana:

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you! Thank you so much for your feedback.


ok, thanks, any idea when this will be complete?

Nathan Roberts


We can’t guarantee when the test will be complete, but it has been happening for a little while and is running its course. Thanks, Nathan!


I really miss the old Completed Tasks menu options within each project as well. I have been looking for it for a while and glad I found this post. Please bring it back!!!


I’d like to add my vote for the return of this feature. Like Nathan posted above, I used this frequently to see what my team and I had completed in the past week for weekly reviews. I understand the list is sorted by completion date, but that’s not the same as the feature that’s gone away.


Also adding my vote to bring back this feature. Having the old filter with its variable time ranges was quick and super useful to use while managing tasks.


+1 Asana, PLEASE bring back the ability to show incomplete and completed tasks (Today, Yesterday, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks) - I held a regular meeting that we had not had for a while and couldn’t review the completed tasks easily - very embarrassing.


Piling on here to say that the product feels broken without this feature. Having to use the advanced search (rather than having it be the default view) is in no way an acceptable alternative.

As most of us know, a task that is marked as completed is often not completely completed and the status often needs to be toggled back and forth as it’s reviewed by staff. The view-all filtering options allowed for a high-level review of ALL tasks and kept them around for as long as we wanted, so when a task from 3 weeks ago turns up not actually complete, we have an easy way of bringing it back into play.

When can we expect to see this feature restored?


Hi, I am also missing so much the menu “View by Incomplete tasks” in the “My tasks” view :(((