How to get a custom view sorted by project to then sort tasks/subtasks by due date

I am trying to review all tasks for each project. When I use custom view to sort by project, the second sort is by incomplete projects. This is what I want. But the further sorted view of incomplete tasks and subtasks are not by due date but by task such that a subtask that is due on Mach 15 will show up down the list from something with a July 1 due date. Please let me know if there is a way to show both tasks and sub tasks all by due date when sorted by project.


Hi @Monty_Schmitt! Thanks for joining the Community. At this time subtasks will not automatically appear when you sort a project’s incomplete tasks by due date. What I recommend you do is add each subtask to the project. I know it sounds silly, but it will work :slight_smile: All you have to do is click into a subtask and use keyboard shortcut Tab P to add the subtask to the project. Then, when you search by due date the subtask will appear.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Respectfully Alexis, this seems ridiculous. So, every time I create a subtask within a project, I have to manually add that subtask to the project? Does that seem a bit clunky?

Let’s riff a bit. What if, when I create a subtask in a project, the Asana app recognises that the subtask belongs to that project and adds it automatically, thereby saving me a lot of time.

I have only just discovered this is an issue, as I’m gearing up for my 2018 programs. It is actually impossible for me to review the unfinished tasks in each Project, both in My Tasks or directly via the Projects - because the sub-tasks are not integrated into either process.

Any immediate plans to resolve this?


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Hi Kim,

Thanks for your feedback! I am unable to speak to plans to change this functionality, however I can direct you to lots of conversations on this subject and a good place to submit feedback.

Subtask functionality is a big topic of conversation here in the Community. It sounds like you’d have a lot of interesting thoughts to add. I encourage you to conduct a search for “subtasks” here in the Community and join the dialogue. You may be interested in chiming in on some of the #productfeedback threads about subtasks, as well. Your idea that the app recognizes that a subtask belongs to a project might resonate with other people in the Community.

Our product team is aware of the feedback in the #productfeedback category so your thoughts will be in front of the team’s eyes.

I simply need an instruction on:
via “My Tasks” selection
view my Incomplete Tasks
Tasks list BY DUE DATE

Is this possible? The threads on this topic are nothing short of overwhelming!