Is there a way to see list of all subtasks in projects that I own sorted by due date? #forum-en

I own a bunch of projects, and assign the subtasks to certain people.
Is there a way to straight up list all the subtasks by date so I can see what’s due each day, rather than by project?

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Is this maybe what you are looking for?

I mean you could also multihome all tasks and subtasks in one other project and then sort in that one.

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I think this may be what you’re looking for. If you’re on a paid plan, use Advanced Search and specify as follows:

You list the projects to search in, and use Add filter > More > Subtasks to specify subtasks only.

After clicking search, then in the search results view, sort by Date.

Click the Star to name and save the search to your left sidebar Starred section and you can run it anytime.

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