Sort subtasks in the list view by due date

now i can see subtasks of a project in the list view, aka treeview.

but i cannot sort them by due date?


This was just released so I won’t be surprised this kind of feature to not be yet available (if ever)


we can sort tasks by due date since the beginning of project management, so why do they launch subtasks listings in the treeview without this very basic feature?

[quote=“Bastien_Siebman, post:2, topic:72182”] (if ever)


I know that must be frustrating but modern software development is usually made with iterations. You launch sooner, with a core feature, and then make it evolve by usually adding the most requested features first. I’d rather have subtasks now and sort in 1 month, rather than having everything in 1 month.

However please note that I am not part of Asana or have a view on their roadmap, this is my analysis as a web developer working in my own product company.

Hi @Andreas_Butz

You are correct here. It is currently not possible to include Subtasks when sorting by Due Date. This is the first step toward making subtasks stronger and easier to use and we keep working on improving so your feedback is very important to make it even more functional!

Please note I’ve slightly modified the title of the thread to make it more discoverable to other users. I hope it’s OK. Don’t forget to upvote it!

Have a great week!

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This thread, Allow to sort subtasks by complete/incomplete and Sort subtasks in reverse chronological order are kind of overlapping. Maybe they all should be merged into Ability to sort subtasks in different ways…?

Heavy subtask user here - and yes hiding completed and sorting by due date are really crucial features and would be an epic upgrade. The subtask automation was great too.


I also really would like to have the ability to sort subtasks by due date. Both within each main task, but most needed is to sort all subtasks together by due date.

This would be a really great feature, especially since we can’t have subtasks on calendars.

We have a very specific subset of tasks that involve enabling and disabling a feature for all 51 states. It is a monumental task to keep track of all of these things, and doesn’t need the extra work of creating a project, or double adding to a project just to be able to sort by date, or any of the other workarounds (views, filters, etc.)

We really just need to be able to sort the subtasks by date. Having them in the date added is less than useful. Many of these dates will end up being the same, and instead of cluttering up the task with subtasks with the same date, we could consolidate-“Disable x, y and z state” with the same deadline. Since we can’t sort, the parent task is a jumble of chaotic, unsorted tasks and we just keep making more tasks.

(Screenshot is of just a few of the close to 70 subtasks we may end up having.


When you press the “Date” button to sort dates in a project, all of the black triangles that show when there are subtasks on a task disappear. Why does this happen and can it be fixed?



That is a know thing and there is an existing thread on the forum, you should be able to find it using the search.

Hello fellow Asana users! I wanted to reach out to see if there have been any developments on automatically arranging the order of subtasks based on their due dates. Any update would be really appreciated!

Hi @Areli_Pena , no update so far.

Just adding my voice to the chorus. It drives me bonkers to add a bunch of subtasks to a parent task and not have them sort neatly by due date. I was hoping upgrading would unlock this feature, but apparently no.

Pleaseeeeee! With large timelines, it’s really difficult and cumbersome.

I was incredibly surprised to discover this functionality is missing from subtasks. I was even more surprised to find this three year old post requesting an update is still open. This seems like a very basic feature for something as heavily used as subtasks!


As a heavy user of sub-tasks, I find the lack of due-date sorting very frustrating.
My walk around to be able to use sorting functionality for my needs (very time-consuming and non-efficient process):

  1. create a task with a due date 2. create a list of subtasks and assign dates to each/some of them. 4. copy the task due date in the task description. This is your real reference! 5. change due-date of the whole task to the date of the first subtask 6. keep editing due-date of the whole task based on the sub-tasks dates
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Please make this work! Its such a basic function and so easy to heal. Please make it possible to sort subtasks by due date.

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We’ve been waiting for ages NOW and still there’s no progress at all from ASANA!
I don’t want to see the completed subtasks on the top of the list (specially when you have bundle of subtasks) in a project. It’s so annoying to click on “load more subtasks” when you have more than 20 subtasks. It shouldn’t be so difficult for you to solv the issue!!
Come on ASANA!!!

Don’t use that many subtasks then :grimacing: