Sort subtasks in the list view by due date

now i can see subtasks of a project in the list view, aka treeview.

but i cannot sort them by due date?

This was just released so I won’t be surprised this kind of feature to not be yet available (if ever)


we can sort tasks by due date since the beginning of project management, so why do they launch subtasks listings in the treeview without this very basic feature?

[quote=“Bastien_Siebman, post:2, topic:72182”] (if ever)


I know that must be frustrating but modern software development is usually made with iterations. You launch sooner, with a core feature, and then make it evolve by usually adding the most requested features first. I’d rather have subtasks now and sort in 1 month, rather than having everything in 1 month.

However please note that I am not part of Asana or have a view on their roadmap, this is my analysis as a web developer working in my own product company.

Hi @Andreas_Butz

You are correct here. It is currently not possible to include Subtasks when sorting by Due Date. This is the first step toward making subtasks stronger and easier to use and we keep working on improving so your feedback is very important to make it even more functional!

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Have a great week!