Sort subtasks in the list view by due date

Thank you for taking your time to reply a negative reply :confused:

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What I meant was: did you try not relying that much on subtasks? I usually say that if you click the « show more » often you probably need a project for this task.
Having many projects is not an issue. Having many subtasks often is…

@Shezi, I recommend:

to automatically see all subtasks, until/if Asana does something natively.

Update 9/2/23: It’s been removed from the Chrome Web Store but available here (I cannot vouch for this and just providing the info, so use at your own risk.

@Bastien_Siebman and i agree on almost everything, but not that Show more probably means you need a project instead of a task; it depends.



It definitely depends :hugs:


Another vote here for sorting subtasks by due date. This is extremely frustrating to not have this feature when subtasks are a huge part of Asana’s benefits

Unless I’m mistaken, this is a pretty simple and obvious feature missing. General concept of Asana is great. As an organization, we leverage the heck the application’s flexibility, but continue to be surprised by a lack of certain high-value, simple functions. Rules logic are also overly simplistic, requiring way too many manual entries for tasks that could easily set and forgotten. Sadly, some of these forums remain unanswered for years.


Another vote for the ability to sort subtasks by due date.

Will we ever be able to sort subtasks by date? Thats a very basic need within project management and would be nice to have the software to do so.

Another vote to be able to sort subtasks in list view by date - why is this not built in by default? Shocked and frustrated, not even a work around or plugin/extension?

The sort states “sort tasks by due date” not “sort some tasks by due date” - if it’s a task added to a project as part of accomplishing another task for structured organization and is important enough to be added with a due date why on earth would it not be included in the sort option?

Project management tools are very competitive these days… if Asana isn’t willing to add this fundamental feature after 3 yrs since this post started, not sure how long it will be before we all start finding better options - shame.

This link isn’t working. Any idea why?

This has got to be one of the largest and most painful examples of work about work that Asana creates.

We have had to hire someone new to ONLY sort subtasks into order of not due date, but into order of a custom field “Date/Time Completed”

Yes. We hired someone only to do this.


Everyone needs subtask:

- Filtering
- Sorting by any of the custom fields
- Reverse sort

I just updated my post; the page/tabs there explain:



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Came here to also voice frustration that you cannot sort subtasks - at least by date in the Project view. Subtasks are shown in the “My tasks” view sorted by date. But not in the Project view. Am I missing something?

Adding frustration! This would be super helpful. I hope Asana rolls out this feature soon

Another vote to add the ability to sort subtasks in the right pane by due date!

Please add this feature.

Another vote for adding a sorting/filter feature for sub-tasks.

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My vote for sorting of subtasks being an option. PLEASE and thank you.

I add my vote here. Completely bemused as to why it is not an option when my workplace has just taken part in Asana training where we were heavily encouraged to organise and declutter through subtasks. Defeats the point if they can only be manually sorted into date order. Plus even once they are sorted I often need to add new subtasks which are then uselessly entered at a random point in my subtask list.
If Asana is unable to make this upgrade then they should not be promoting subtasks

I voted and am also frustrated that it’s been over four years and still haven’t made progress on this?

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