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Hey guys, another hopefully to stupid question. I have to different projects with same tasks, one to visualize in a list our workload, just for managing and one for operations.
My question in one projekt i can expand the subtask in my list view in the other project i cant, why?
Has this something to do with the initial Project Setup.

Hi @sven_wedig,

If you have a sort applied, subtasks don’t show. If no sort is applied, they will show.

You can vote for them to be shown with a sort applied here:

Phil you are the best! Thank you so much! Short and simple.

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@Phil_Seeman any idea why?

I don’t know but my best guess is that it’s a function of Asana folks worrying about possible user confusion as a result of what some users might say are “tasks not sorting properly”.

Say you had this set of unsorted tasks and subtasks:


What would happen if you told Asana to “sort by due date?” It can’t sort the whole list because it has to retain the integrity of the task/subtask relationships. The best it can do is to sort all items at each level and within each subtask grouping:


Now the two top-level tasks are sorted properly by date and the 5 subtasks of “CURL task” are sorted by date within themselves. But if you look at the whole list, you might say “it’s not in date order!”; for example “there’s a Dec 1 task that’s listed before a Sept 21 task - it’s broken!” - and Asana wants to avoid that confusion/upset.

That’s my best guess for an explanation - but I could be wrong and there might be some more technical reason why they can’t do it.

(FYI the above screenshots are taken from Desksana where as you can see, it does support sorting even with subtasks, and it sorts as I’ve described above. I made the decision to do that with the hope that Desksana users won’t say, “it’s broken!” :grinning:.)

#insidepromotion well done :slight_smile:
I agree with you on the explanation

Great explanation @Phil_Seeman!

It would be nice to still show subtasks when sorting, exactly as you have shown in Desksana. For those that wanted to see all tasks (and subtasks) in chronological order because the default view seems “broken”… it would be nice to just click somewhere that took the user to an Advanced Report where seeing data this way is already possible! This link to to an Advanced Report would work the same as it does when you click on items from the Dashboard of a project.

Know what I mean? Seems like all the pieces are there… just need to be tied together.

The challenge for my team is that when we are jointly discussing a project and its tasks, we need to assign sub-tasks to different people. If we break each persons tasks into its own parent tasks, it overwhelms the list view for a project. But we would like to be able to easily see all the sub-tasks assigned to each person (filtered view) so each person can quickly see all their tasks and sub-tasks for a project.

Currently, there does not appear to be a way to see all tasks & sub-tasks assigned to a person by project. You can in the “my tasks” view, but you lose the project sorting.


Are you on a paid plan? Then I think saved Advanced Search reports would be your solution.

You can sort My Tasks by project, though not useful unless you clear out all old tasks normally found in Later.

Hope that helps,


Which you should do anyway, right?

No, I don’t believe so:

I can’t do this for some tasks in My Tasks (like an assignment in an AOR (Area of Responsibility)–I need to leave this assigned to me and incomplete so it will remain in My Tasks, but I move it to Later so it’s out of the way.

And I don’t bother to do it for the rest; I never open Later so I don’t really care what’s in there and it’s more efficient to not worry about it.

Do you work differently?


I usually advise against being assigned on something that is not a task, and instead use a custom field. But @Julien_RENAUD convinced me otherwise in our own org :slight_smile: