Subtasks not showing in task

When I look the main task in a list view, I can see it has 7 subtasks, but when I go into the task to see the subtasks, they’re not there.

When I search for them in the search bar, they show up and at the top of each sub task the mother task is shown too. When I then click on the mother task again, no subtasks can be seen.

Fyi, I created the mother + subtasks myself.

Where have my tasks gone?

That seems really weird! Can you share screenshots? you can use to anonymise.

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 08.47.43_censored

So the 2nd screenshot should show the 7 subtasks as can be seen in the first one.


This portion of the illustration:

is showing that there are 7 sub-sub-tasks, not 7 subtasks. That’s probably where the confusion is coming from. In other words, what you have here is a top-level task with one subtask, and that subtask has 7 subtasks beneath it.

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Well spotted @Phil_Seeman ! You are a careful reader.

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He is the best :heart: :hugs:

I found something similar, but it appears that the sub-tasks are not ‘expanding’ from the main task. I’ve checked to see if they are sub-sub-tasks, but they appear to be just sub-tasks. I’ve attached screenshots below:

In the example of ‘DCC-Configure CCTV’ there are 5 sub-tasks, which show in the details view, but there is no arrow to expand them

Hi @Harris_Silver,

In your case, here is the key:

Subtasks only show in the main list view if you have no sort order set. You have your tasks sorting by due date.

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Thanks. Again sub-tasks are giving me grey hair…Wouldn’t it make more sense for subtasks to have a date less than or equal to their parent task, and then be unaffected by sorting?


Whether or not the current way the subtasks work make sense is a heated debate. In general, a software does not always do what makes sense, especially since there are tons of use cases out there. Many people don’t want the task date to be linked to its subtasks for example.