Subtasks not showing in task

When I look the main task in a list view, I can see it has 7 subtasks, but when I go into the task to see the subtasks, they’re not there.

When I search for them in the search bar, they show up and at the top of each sub task the mother task is shown too. When I then click on the mother task again, no subtasks can be seen.

Fyi, I created the mother + subtasks myself.

Where have my tasks gone?

That seems really weird! Can you share screenshots? you can use to anonymise.

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 08.47.43_censored

So the 2nd screenshot should show the 7 subtasks as can be seen in the first one.


This portion of the illustration:

is showing that there are 7 sub-sub-tasks, not 7 subtasks. That’s probably where the confusion is coming from. In other words, what you have here is a top-level task with one subtask, and that subtask has 7 subtasks beneath it.

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Well spotted @Phil_Seeman ! You are a careful reader.

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He is the best :heart: :hugs: