Allow to sort subtasks by complete/incomplete

There is no way to sort sub-tasks by complete/incomplete. Currently, this is very inconvenient if you have a lot of sub-tasks under one task you need to track

Hi @Anastasia_Pahomova and thanks for your feedback!

You’re completely right, as it stands, it is not possible to filter or sort your subtasks directly from your project view. While we haven’t planned to make any changes in the near future, we made note of your comment and will consider it for future updates!

If there is anything else at all I can help you with, please let me know!

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Yes! I usually like to have completed ones at the bottom.

Also, a new subtask is always added to the bottom of the list which is very unintuitive since the list is usually collapsed and you need to click “Load more subtasks” to only then find out you’ve been adding empty tasks many clicks ago and now the list is full of empty ones.

Adding a subtask straight to the top of the list and moving that button up as well would make a big difference.