Sorting completed tasks by Completion date



There is an option to sort the completed tasks by Completion date (see the screenshot below). However there are two issues with this:

  • There is no option to sort by ascending or descending order
  • The dates shown by the tasks are Due dates, not completion dates. Therefore from the project view it impossible to see how many tasks were completed in the specific day.

Exactly the same is related to the specific member view of the tasks (including My Tasks). So, it is much more intuitive and logical that the user sees completion dates when sorting by completion date is needed.


To add to Michinio’s comment, I think it would be even better if each item were grouped by completion date. I want to be able to quickly review my progress and the current unstructured list doesn’t work for this purpose.


July 30:

  • Submit TPS report
  • Sell 100 widgets

July 29:

  • Design space ship

July 28:

  • Blah blah blah

Alternatively, it would be great if it were possible to select columns to display and then sort asc/dec by any column. Columns could be ‘Completion Date’, ‘Due Date’, etc.


I would also like to be able to display completion date in the list view. Currently it’s only possible to see this in an individual task’s details of updates or in a download of the data.