Sort by Due Date - ascending or descending option

When sorting by Due Date, Asana assumes I want to see the most overdue first/at the top.

But it’s also helpful in many instances to see what’s up coming up/what’s most recently become overdue with the oldest tasks at the bottom because those older tasks might actually be less important than the ones coming up or recently expired.

Would love the option to choose Due Date - ascending or Due Date - descending.

Thanks Asana.

Hi @KarenV and thanks for your feedback! I don’t believe we’ve planned to make this change in the near future, but we will defintiely keep it in mind for future improvements!

OK, thanks @Marie.

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I would like the ability to switch due date view (ascending/descending) on Boards as well! It would be very helpful!


Thanks for voting on this @Bob_Herring!

I added the comment below to the Sort numbered fields in DESCENDING order thread as well…

I agree. It seems strange to me that someone would build a sort field with only one direction? Why would someone ONLY allow for ascending sort OR descending sort? It is common to have a need to sort in both directions depending on the need.

Agree! It would really benefit our team.

This would be hugely helpful. Especially when viewing completed tasks. There’s no way in the list view to see the most recently completed first and I’ve got tasks for some projects that go back for years. Pleas add this functionality. Thanks!