Responsive list view, multi-column sorts, hide/show 21 columns, filter-as-you-type, and more: Asana2Go Interactive Tables ✨

Want to sort more flexibly by different columns than those currently offered by Asana, do multiple columns sorts, or even just sort descending? Looking for a responsive/adaptive list view to avoid truncation of your content and also make better use of the larger displays? Want to see My Tasks custom fields for multiple task rows at once?

Quickly see and interact with any selection of tasks from your My Tasks, projects, or search results, or even any of a task’s subtasks, in a powerful view that extends and combines Asana’s List View and Task Detail pane.

Asana2Go, the multi-purpose tool to flexibly copy, export and print from Asana, now offers powerful interactive features beyond those found in Asana’s List View.

To see it in action:
YouTube Screencast - Asana2Go Interactive Tables demo, features, benefits

Or read about it here:
Medium Post - Asana2Go: Interactive Tables

And this is just one kind of output that Asana2Go can produce. Novices can select from 20 different standard reports/outputs including various kinds of lists, tables, CSVs, etc. Experts can create their own custom output using the included authoring tool with data and language helpers and documentation.

Asana2Go is free for all private and most commercial use (see Asana2Go for details), but please consider supporting Asana2Go:




This is incredibly useful, Larry. It’s so much quicker and more flexible than having to export a csv every time. Congratulations. :+1:

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Thank you, @Mark_Hudson!

It’s been really fun having such easy access to so much of a task’s attributes without having to click one-by-one on each task and only seeing one detail pane at a time.

Viewing all tasks’ Descriptions at once in full or with hover still feels like magic sometimes!

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Thank you Mark! Have been loving the extension.

Quick question: I’ve been using with the custom templates to great success, but have yet to figure out how to access custom fields that include a space in their name using the simple dictionary. Any pointers?

Thanks again!


Thanks, @Henry_Bridge, glad you’re using Asana2Go and making custom reports!

You can access your custom fields with spaces in their names with:

{{lookup custom_fields_simple 'MY CUSTOM FIELD NAME'}}

A while ago I added it to the helpers too so you can copy/paste with a double-click like the other helpers:




Great, thanks for the help!


This is great! I had no idea this existed. Thank you so much.


This is great! Is there a way to have my custom fields appear in separate columns with headers?



First, all of the selected tasks’ custom field values already appear automatically, though in a single column.

To add columns for specific custom fields, you can Duplicate the format and modify it, if you just know a little HTML (primarily), know someone who does, or I’m available for custom work like this–just direct message me here or at one of the links with Asana2Go. There is documentation for this in the first Asana2Go Help page and also in the first screencast video, and you’d just want to follow the example markup, and your columns will participate in the hide/show menu, etc. as well.


Is there a way to add sections to the table layout? I know there is a section column, but I’d love to include section breaks instead. Many thanks for your help.

@Amber_Ott, I’m afraid this table doesn’t work that way, so while you can group/sort by the Section column and it will be in the order you’re expecting, it won’t show breaks as you’re asking for.

However, there are four other Asana2Go outputs, that all show exactly the breaks you want, albeit without so much other metadata and they’re not interactive:

List - Sections/Tasks
List - Sections/Tasks/Description/Subtasks
List w/Checkboxes and Links - Sections/Tasks
List w/Checkboxes and Links - Sections/Tasks/Description/Subtasks


See the post:

from less than a week ago.



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