Sort Tasks by Task Creation Date

It would be nice to be able to sort tasks in a project by date added.

Any word if this is in the works?


Not at the moment @Rob_Menaker but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update. In the meantime, I’d recommend hitting the “Vote” button at the top of this thread!

it would be a nice feature to sort tasks by their creation date and display months as sections etc…

Hi @Rashad_Zahr

I don’t know if it helps but you can create an advanced search by creation date:



Thank you. This helps.

however, this loses all of my custom fields.

Has this feature been implemented or is there somewhere I can vote on it?
Please add “sort by creation date” to the list here


@Mark_Lewis, If you explicitly request in the search dialog (Add filter > Custom Field > [fieldname] “With Any Value”) each custom field you want to see in the results, they’ll be there and you can still sort by Creation Date! For example:


Larry - That solves it as a workaround. Thank you! You rock, as always.

This really helps me.

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Hmmmm - is there a way to sort by the custom fields? perhaps I need different custom saved searches sorted by each field …

Is there a way to change the status of the custom fields in the left panel, or do you have to select the task and change them in the right panel?

Thanks @Mark_Lewis! I’m afraid these are both unfortunate limitations (no sort by custom field; no change values in list) of custom fields in search results views that don’t apply in project view.

The workaround you suggested–multiple saved searches to separate each result you need–is the only thing I can think of too.

It’s been over two years since custom fields were introduced and this feature was more limited at initial release than I had hoped initially (Custom Fields were initially revealed as “Track Anything”) and it hasn’t been improved as much as I expected since then either.

And it’s been three years since this Asana announces Track Anything, and an expanded platform video. I’m wondering if the longer-term play for the expanded platform discussed starting at 3:30 is still in the offing?

This would just make sprint planning for agile development a lot easier. We have a huge project with all of our tickets. When those tickets get pulled into a sprint, we add them to another project for that sprint. We do this so we can easily track a task across multiple sprints but since our master ticket board has so much contents, it would make it infinitely easier to manage if we could sort by the date something was created rather than alphabetically. We realize we can create custom fields but the date something is created I assume is being stored on Asana’s end anyway so it seems like extra work to create a field just for that.

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Yes, I suspect every program manager or sprint master would all like the ability to sort, filter, and group by all user-visible fields in all views. Asana is not so generous though…sort is provided on a view-by-view, field-by-field basis.

Of course, you can do an advanced search and sort by Date Created, it’s just not the view you wanted and I understand it is an unsatisfying workaround.

Hi @Ed_Pirone and welcome to the Forum!

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! We really appreciate it.

Just to let you know, we already have a thread regarding this request so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main one to consolidate feedback and votes! I hope it’s OK.

I don’t have any update to share at the moment, but I will make sure to make an announcement in this thread as soon as I do!

In the meantime, and as @Stephanie_Oberg suggested, you can create an Advanced Search and filter by Creation Date: See screenshot below. I understand it’s not idea but I hope it helps!


Have a great Friday!

Honestly, I couldn’t believe that this was not a default feature.

Any word on this?


I just noticed that there appears that a large number of filters have been removed since the introduction of the new List view. Are these now in a different place? How can I get access to things like filter by Creation Date?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @AjD :wave:

I’m afraid this filter was not available in the old List view either. Please have a look at the post I wrote a few months ago where you can achieve this by using the Advanced Search Tool if you are in a Paid Plan: Sort Tasks by Task Creation Date (Oldest \ Newest First) - #13 by Natalia

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Thanks @Natalia.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t help much because in Advanced Search there are no Sections or custom fields that I have in the project to give me context. Are there any plans to add sort by Creation Date to the Project List View?

I don’t have any information to share at the moment @AjD but I’ll make sure to update here as soon as I do :slight_smile:

Have a great week!

Please can this be looked at? We want the option of sorting by created date, and last modified (creation date is most important). Also, we’d like this as a column that I can turn on (system wide) for all projects.

When we have hundreds of tasks in a client’s folder, all with similar titles, it’s a nightmare to work out what was done when.

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Hello. I was just revisiting this post to see if there has been any progress with the ability to Sort Tasks by Created Date. Is there any update?

In the meantime, I’m trying the ‘Advanced Search’ workaround but I’m not seeing how this results in a list SORTED by Created Date? I see how I could FIND tasks created on a specific date, but not how I can use the Advanced Search to display ALL of a project’s tasks SORTED by Created Date? Am I missing something?


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