Add Creation Date as a Field

Please may you add the “creation date” of the tasks in the selectable fields?

Agreed - this is sometimes an important piece of data.

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This is extremely important. We have 30+ people adding tickets to a project and it can get very complicated. Being able to sort by entered date allows you to see what has been entered for the week.


agreed! this will immensely improve efficiency and organization, with less hassle


Yes, please! And make that a sorting option as well.

(I accidentally clicked on remove! Didn’t mean to delete my original post!)

Thank you so much guys for you support.
For years I’m trying to give to Asana some suggestion to improve UX, but usually noone listen to me :wink:

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I wouldn’t take it personally.

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When we export the project to CSV or another format, we can see the information of “Created at” and “Last modified” in the file.

I’d like to have the possibility to display this information also in the task list screen.

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Thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us @Thiago_Cavalcante! I’m merging your post with an existing thread in the Forum regarding this topic to avoid duplications. Please don’t forget to cast your vote!

Have a great week Thiago!

If/Until this becomes available in Asana, you may want to check out this post and video link:


Task updated date too please!

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Are there any plans to add this? I’m amazed this, and sorted by created date is not available.

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PLEASE add a “created\received” date feild! This is VERY important to us as well!

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I don’t think, ASANA will ever implement these things like, creation date, modified date, due date etc (DATE FIELDS), and AGE filed, which are ESSENTIAL and BASIC, and which we are using since DOS OS days. ASANA is very busy in doing cosmetic and decorative additions, and adding stuff to BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE editions only. And they say that, we should switch from XL. How it is possible. XL is 1) Super-fast in loading 100’s and 1000’s of tasks just like that, where as in ASANA, if you have more folders, and more tasks per folder, it will take time 2) Multi-column sorting, ascending/descending order, creation of any no of custom fields, and sorting by any field, by ascending/descending order etc…In ASANA, none of these things are possible…
Particularly disappointed, in lack of these features, is in-fact going against the ASANA’s theme - doing more at less time.

Also, SEARCH, is less said is better. ASANA does n’t support 1) SPECIAL CHARACTERS 2) SPACE 3) CAPS 4) WILD CHARACTERS etc - In-fact, ASANA SEARCH engine, is very basic, in my view.
I hope ASANA is LISTENING and IMPLEMENTS these things, on URGENT basis.

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+1 for this. VERY much needed.