I need to be able to see the creation date of my tasks at a glance

I need to be able to see the creation date of my tasks at a glance. However the best I can do right now is to click on a task then at the bottom it tells me that the task was created N days ago.

How can I see the actual task creation date?

Thank you.

Hi @Brenden_McEwan and welcome to the forum!

There isn’t currently another better way to see the creation date of a task.

It’s definitely a requested enhancement - you can add your vote for it here:


Having a field would be great and I did vote for it. However I see that some folks can click on their task and see a date but I do not. I am not sure why that is.

Please see the attached screenshots.



Asana has just chosen to display a relative date (like “2 days ago”) for some small time window (I’m not sure exactly how long) before they revert to showing the actual calendar date.

Your example task will also switch to showing an actual calendar date after a while (maybe a week? I’m not sure, never tested this).

Looks like it’s 28 days. :-/.

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@Brenden_McEwan, Are you aware that if you hover your mouse cursor over the relative date it shows the actual (absolute) date in a tooltip?




:man_facepalming:t2: Thanks Larry.

This will do for now but ultimately we should be able to see this at a glance without needing to drill down into a task.

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Thanks, @Brenden_McEwan.

I agree!

Until then, here’s one more workaround for you that lets you see Creation Date (and many other fields) for many tasks at once, sort by it, etc. using Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):


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