Creation date getting automatically picked in a field

Hi Asana team,

We have been using Asana for our platform feedback for which we use the form. Once the form is submitted, a task is created in Asana but there is no option that a creation date of the task is automatically pulled and added in a field of that task. Is there a way to do so? Can you please guide me here.


In projects now you can display the creation date of a task. Just go through the customise menu. You can’t put that date in another field (I have an automation that does if you are interested).

Take care

Hi Bastien,

I did turned on Creation Date Field form Customize Menu, but it isn’t showing on any task. I don’t want to add it another field if they have already a designated field via customize menu. And yes i will surely be interested in the automation if i cannot see the creation date in a field by default.

You don’t see any task in the project? Did you check the first filter at the top? Does it say « all tasks »?

I can see my all task. What i am not seeing is creation date in my task where all other customized fields are shown. I have attached a screenshot of where i expect to see the creation date after turning on it from customize menu.

I get it now! Creation date only shows up in the list view as a column. In the task pane you need to scroll down to the comments, at the top you’ll see an activity “X created on Y”

Yes, i observed that it shows in list view now. Is there any possibility we get it in board view too without wanting to scroll down to see the creation date?

If it is not already the case, it could be coming soon!