How to add creation date to tasks

Our Asana guru has left the company, so I’ve been assigned to take over. Please excuse my simple question.

We are trying to use Asana as a ticketing system. Users create tickets (tasks) inside the project (not with a form). We would like to add the creation date of the task to the task so we can keep track of everything.

Is this possible? Thanks.


Hi @Stephen_Shepard
Welcome to the forum. This is a very good question.

The creation date is part of the meta data of the task which currently you cannot show directly on the task. YOu can currently see it above the comments in the task. You can actually filter and sort your project view by it if you go to the filter option at the top. Here is a screen shot:

Another way to look at this is from the project view. If you click on the ‘hide’ button, you should be able to make the created on date appear as a column in the project view. This won’t appear in your task pane view.

In the meantime, you can upvote this product feedback:

Hope this helps.

Thanks @Phil_Seeman & @Christine_Bolton

Just to clarify one point, you can’t show creation date in the task detail pane but you can show it as a column in the list view:



One more “to add” – although you can’t add it as a field in the task details pane, the metadata does show in the task details just above the comments.

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Ah, good point, @Christine_Bolton , thanks!


Very good points. Thanks for the details.

@Christine_Bolton that is a good point about the meta data above the comment.

@Phil_Seeman good clarification point. I will edit my response to make more inclusive.

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Proposal for how to record the registration date of tasks

  1. Create a custom field “Task creation date”

  2. In the rule, enter a value in “Task creation date”

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