Add Creation Date as a Field

Unfortunately, the #productfeedback category has become a cemetery ;(

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Argreed. Makes you wonder how this stuff takes so long and if someone just forgot to include it…

Yes! This would be immensely useful, even if only via rules (add current date to x field when task is created/completed/last modified).

Adding my +1 for this feature.

+1 for this feature

+1 Would help us a lot!

FYI this is now available via our Flowsana integration, as part of Flowsana’s “variable substitution” capability. See more here: Variable Substitution in Flowsana


Very important part of task management! I don’t understand why we can sort by creation time but we cannot have it as a field

Just starting to use Asana. Having a Creation Date field is essential to any task tracking system. I’m in disbelief that a creation date field isn’t available. It can’t be true, right?

Well…there is a creation date field saved within Asana, and it can be used in Advanced Search and exported to e.g. Google Sheets. It is visible in the history of a Task (as one of the rare items that cannot be deleted from history).

It can also be accessed via the API and hence 3rd party apps. So it does exist. It’s just not available to display in any Project view, such as List or Board.

I agree with you it is a disturbing omission.

Thanks, Stephanie. I’m aware of the field with exported data. However, that’s not the use case I’m trying to solve. The created date field needs to reside in the board and list view. I’m likely going to recommend that we use an alternative platform because of this omission. It’s basic functionality.

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to announce we are launching the new Metadata Fields! Going forward, you will be able to add the following fields to the project list view by toggling them on from the Customize Menu:

  • Created on :tada:
  • Created by
  • Completed on
  • Last modified on

Thanks for all the feedback you shared about this feature! If you have any questions, please reach out via our #tips category!


Hi there!

just a quick note to let you know Metadata fields are now supported on mobile both for projects and My Tasks. We hope you enjoy this latest addition and we look forward to hearing your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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