Sort Tasks by Recently Updated (Last Modified) or by Create Date

Currently, there is the ability to sort a project’s list of tasks by Due Date, Assignee, and other Fields. We would like the ability to also sort by recently updated. This brings the most recent activities to the top so we can quickly find tasks that are moving along.

The shortcut we use to view this data is Searching, Advanced Search, and the only criteria we enter is the Project. That delivers all task, ordered by Last Modified. Including this Last Modified option in the standard sort option would be very helpful.

While we are at it, might as well add the ability to sort by the date the task was created.

Thank you.

Hi @Jon_Sasala and thanks for sharing this with us!

I see what you mean and agree it would be super useful! Using the advanced search is definitely the best way to achieve this at the moment. And if you’re not already, I’d recommend saving your Advanced Search into your Reports, so you can access it in one click later on. I’ll keep an eye on this and will keep you posted here.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:


Hey @Marie. Is this something the team are still looking at? Being able to sort by last modified would be really helpful in managing larger projects and quickly seeing where the recent updates are.


I would be interested in knowing if this was up and coming. I am using a SCRUM board style task manager and would love to sort within the board by last updated date/time.


what would be really cool is having an organge modified or updated badge icon appear next to the task so if you are just scanning through your entire project you can quickly see tasks that have been touched vs. depending on your inbox alone or doing the sorting like you mention.


Its realy not possible right now? So many customer, so many options and so many years of development… but this basics of everybody daily process is still missing? Wow!
So lets say we have all the positive benefits of your software… but is it, if you are not able to handle it because if you have 10 or more you will lose every overview of your tickets. And if you have not only one board, for example you have 5 boards, you will waste your time to manage projects with asana. Because how you will manage the tickets? Project manager will start his day to check “what is new” and right now there is no option to see this with some clicks. So they need to open every board and every ticket one by one. Its feeling like working with no project management. Sorry i have to say this. This is dramatic. We will migrate this week all our projects/boards to another software back, because there is no project manager in the space they will handle his boards in this flow. Every person in my company told me: its nice, but sorry, we have no time to check every ticket one by one to know what tickets are updated…

And i cant belive it will be okay for any other asana project manager?!

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Has this not been resolved? We have migrated to Asana from Basecamp and ‘recently updated tasks’ was one of our most-used features within Basecamp. I am struggling to understand how to set this up in Asana so I can easily access recent updates.

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Its an absolute dramatic situation. We lost 13 ASANA clients because they dont wanna check each task manualy for new updates. So if you have 50, 500 or 1000 tasks… you need to check them one by one for updates. This is a workflow of none-professional project manager. I ask myself: Will asana work in this mode every day: Project Manager start his computer and need to double check every task (for example 500 tasks) one by one many times per day. This is funny, but realy not professional.

Asana already have “Sort by…” dropdown in task list view…but the option “sort by last modified” is missing. Its just a one day job for asana to develope an modified date query and sort it depending modified date… All other project management software have this because its like wheels on a car and absolute basics for every project manager. But Asana dont take care and so we lost a lot of asana clients.

I hope Asana will improve this very soon. Asana need to ask herself: what if we need to double check every task in our big company to new updates?! Is it ok for you or not? I dont think so!! :slight_smile:

The inbox option is not a good option to double check updates. Why do not add also the option into task view top section “sorty by”? You already have this option but by modified… is missing…

Next month we plan to make an video on youtube about this dramatic situation.

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Was looking for this myself and found you can sort by “last modified” in the search view.
Maybe this helps some of you :slight_smile:

any update? Why asana is so slow in most of all basic functions? So many basics are still missing.
thats so frustrating.


Hello @Thomas_83
I recommend reading through this post to understand how Asana is listening to it‘s customers: How we’re listening to your product feedback

Sorting by modified time would be very helpful for out team, +1.

Thanks to Markus for the tip with the filter, but granularity is only at the day level, and it’s a filter, not a sort. Our team racks up hundreds of tickets in a day, then recursive rounds of cycles on those tickets. Sort Tasks by Recently Updated (Last Modified) or by Create Date - #9 by Markus_Goedecke

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to announce we are launching the new Metadata Fields! Going forward, you will be able to add the following fields to the project list view by toggling them on from the Customize Menu:

  • Created on
  • Created by
  • Completed on
  • Last modified on

Once you add the “Last modified on” and “Created on” fields to your project list view, you will be able to sort and filter your tasks by these fields :tada:

We are gradually rolling out this update, and it will be available to all customers soon!

Thanks for all the feedback you shared about this feature! If you have any questions, please reach out via our #tips category!

Hi there!

just a quick note to let you know Metadata fields are now supported on mobile both for projects and My Tasks. We hope you enjoy this latest addition and we look forward to hearing your feedback :slightly_smiling_face: