How we’re listening to your product feedback

You can now vote for product features in the #productfeedback category!

Details in the following post and copied below. Let us know if you have questions :slight_smile:

**Read me first** How you can give feedback and what we do next

How we’re listening to your product feedback.

We have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of organic product feedback you have submitted here in the Community. Many of you have asked what happens with the feedback after you submit it and we’re here to tell you! First and foremost, please know that we see your feedback and we are taking it into account. That said, as indicated in the category description, we cannot make any guarantees.

Voting for product features

This category is a place for you to provide feedback about the Asana product and vote on your favorite feature requests. Please vote on the ideas that you’d like to see implemented. Note that we will read comments to help us understand the context of your requests, but we will specifically use votes to prioritize your feature requests. Vote by clicking the “vote” button at the top left of each thread.

How your votes will impact Asana’s product roadmap

Your votes will help us understand the Community’s preferences as we bring Community feedback to our roadmapping discussions. These Community preferences will be integrated into Asana’s Voice of Customer process. What we’ll do is count your votes and analyze your feedback in the community, then cross reference it with the feedback our other teams are getting. Then we prioritize all requests against many factors including company vision, business needs, and so on.

We do not share a product roadmap because we are unable to promise a timeline and we want to ensure that the features and updates we release are as well made as possible. We wouldn’t want to release a sub-par feature just to meet a deadline - quality is super important to us. So, while we can’t promise a timeline or specific features, we can promise that we take your feedback seriously and we are considering it alongside other customer feedback at Asana.

So, will your idea be put into our product roadmap?

Maybe! We do our best to prioritize what is important to all customers and create features that will have the greatest impact on the customer experience. This means that while we may not implement the exact feature you request, we will try to create features that address the pain point or problem you’re trying to solve.

Background on how we build our product roadmap at Asana

Jackie Bavaro, the head of Product at Asana, wrote a Medium article describing how we build our product roadmap at Asana. Read the ins and outs of how we build our product roadmap in Jackie’s article here:

How we build our Product Roadmap at Asana | by Jackie Bavaro | Medium


One of our most important processes is “Voice of the Customer”, or VoC. Each customer facing and business team works with all of the individual people to create their own top-10 list of product requests. For example, the customer support team considers the number of tickets and the sales teams consider the value of the deals lost. The owner of VoC then works with business leadership to combine those rankings and socialize back to the individual teams to get their buy-in. This creates a single top-10 list that the whole business org agrees on.

To gather even more input, we ask each PM & Eng Lead, and representatives from Design & UXR for their ideas, and scour through our “Product Opportunities” project where people from across the company have been adding and voting on ideas all year.

We then work in parallel on choosing our Objectives and defining the Product Roadmap. If there’s product work we feel is really important, we figure out what higher goal it levels up to. If there’s a company outcome we feel is really important, we consider what work we could do to achieve it, and how much work we can fit into a year.

[via comment] At the end of each episode we revisit the roadmap, and each team plans for the next 6 months. We are definitely open to shifting in the middle of the year in light of new developments. In practice, over the past 3 years we’ve done a good job of predicting where those changes will happen (eg. in new partnership opportunities, deciding which of 2 features we should build first, or the amount of iteration we’ll want to do on a new feature) and we started the year with the appropriate teams accounting for those possibilities in their roadmap.

You are extremely important to us and we value your thoughtful input. Thank you for your feedback! Feel free to create a post in this category if you have any follow up questions about this process. (August, 2017)