Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks

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In the meantime If you are using the Premium version I would recommend you to have a look into these articles that might be helpful:

I also leave here the guide article that explains how to restore deleted items:

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@Natalia where can we make the proper request for changes to the software? The ability to prevent users from deleting tasks/images/even changing dates should only be acceptable from a Team Leader standpoint. The manager of the team should be the only one with these powers. Thoughts??


Hi @John_Lennon! :wave: and thank you for reaching out.

You can always submit a feature request or a feedback in the #productfeedback category. You can learn more about it in this post.

With that said, this feature request has been submitted in this thread and I’m aware this is really important to you and to other users who have engaged in this thread and while I don’t have an update to share today, rest ensured that that I’m keeping a close eye on the situation and will make sure to give you an update as soon as I have more information about it.

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Please implement this feature. This is basic and critical. The lack of functionality for controlling deletions or edits is very basic.


Your “you can learn why” post takes you to a page that says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Hi @Terrance and sorry for the broken link. This is the post I wanted to share: How we’re listening to your product feedback

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Why hasn’t this been resolved? Its the most basic of user security. How is it that there is no deleted items bin that all users in the project can view, and recover from.

Why doesn’t it show who deleted the task/task detail/history and when?

Users should absolutely not be able to permanently delete anything unless they’re an admin, or unless they were the one that created the item they are trying to delete.

I have been looking through these forums and its been brought up AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Why is Asana not listening??? How can any company use Asana without control over their content?


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I’m aware this is a long-standing request that we haven’t had a chance to prioritize yet, and I hear your concerns. I’ve gone ahead and escalated a direct feedback as part of our Voice of Customers program to highlight how popular this request is within our community. Please continue adding your votes as I report regularly on them; I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end.


It’s my day by day concern… In project share options should be the “Edit only own tasks” option or something like that

Workaround: use “Comments only” option in share option, then the PM have to keep updated the rest of data. Also only PM can add / delete tasks!

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Dear Team

Please provide a feature to lock a task by the author only, i.e. a fine grain Access control, so no accidental deletion occurs. This should be overridable by Admin or Project Owner.

I use Asana as a General note pad, living document, and for important items, I want them sticky and temporarily, time or permanently persistent …

Please include in your development. planning.

Kind regards,

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Just weighing in here, too. I am an Asana Solution Partner and I work with+20 customers of various sizes. Deletion of tasks - or better: more comprehensive user permissions - is a concern raised very often! And it begins with teams + 20 people. As soon as structures go beyond 5 people and 5 projects, security that no tasks are deleted are important.

Having this feature is also less of a “control” function for “lazy employees” as unfortunately some community members here voiced, but instead more of a saftey net when tasks are accidently deleted etc.

Before user permissions are overhauled, I assume that a simple notification to collaborators and project members (like the one you get when a new task is created in the project) that a task is deleted would do the job!

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We’re also having this issue. I have a task that’s saved at the top of the project which holds additional information about the project. Users sometimes complete this task and it’s causing confusion. In addition it would be nice to be able to “pin” a task (or information) to the top of the project for easy reference. Most importantly, I would like to lock this task, but keep the other tasks open.


This affects all teams of all sizes. We don’t want a notification to all members. We want to be able to have a team accessible recycle bin so to speak where there’s also an audit log in the project that cannot be deleted except by an admin or project lead. Then users can only delete what they added and if they do it goes to the team recycle bin where anyone can restore a deletion although it’s all tracked who did what. It’s also appalling that users can delete the audit log entries in a project preventing us from seeing who did what and when.


Yes!!! This is MUCH needed as well as having a shared delete box for the team and granular controls over delete permissions.

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This is an essential requirement for collaboration across teams and departments and might force us to use a different tool. The risk of an editor entirely deleting a task or a subtask would stop/hurt the entire project and risk the relationship of the stakeholders.

Suggestion to add user permission for “Editor with delete allowance” and “Editor without deletion allowance”

@Marie will this ever exist, be addressed in Asana?



Hi @Karoly and thanks for the mention.

If you haven’t yet, have a look at the update I posted just a few weeks ago. I regularly report to the Team on this specific point, and while we haven’t prioritized yet, I’m keeping a close eye on this internally and will continue to relay and advocate for this request until it gets prioritized.


I am looking for the planning software for my company. Restriction to delete task by assigned employees is the essential function for this type of software. Without it, it is an app for a shop list or personal medical appointments. Take a look at any CRM systems. This is the main feature. I would rather had the design of 95 Windows and had the opportunity to restrict deletion of tasks than otherwise. I spent 2 hours on the tutorials and I just now I found out that you don’t have one crucial option. I wasted my time and time of my shareholders.
I do want to use software and I am ready to pay for it, but not without this feature. You lose money and customers over nothing.


As it stand now the whole company is at the mercy of any one particular disgruntled employee. I can’t add much else to this topic other than adding my name to the list of users who consider the feature of more granular permissions absolutely essential to a reliable and secure project management system. Even the ability to back up and restore the workspace would be a small step in the right direction.


I agree wholeheartedly with other users who consider a better permissions strategy in Asana an absolute necessity, It is a glaring deficiency.
However, there is a way to protect your team from accidental or malicious deletion of projects in Asana with the current version. It is clunky but from my cursory testing it does work.
Export each project to a csv file. At any point you can import the project back into Asana and the project is restored complete with sub-tasks and custom fields. Note that empty sections titles are not imported, but those are easy enough to recreate. Do this with each project and you are protected. (I said it was clunky!)
Until this feature is added to Asana, this is a workable solution for most. And since this is afterall, collaboration software, you can assign the task of backing up the projects to someone else!!