Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

Quick reminder but if you want this feature please vote for it. Though at this point, I have no idea if these votes are even being seen by the developers considering it has been 3+ years apparently since this suggestion first started, with over 200+ votes and quite a few Quora posts etc. on it.
@Developers If you are listening, please add this feature. It is the only reason why I am hesitant about Asana because everything else about Asana is practically perfect. But I like to use Workspaces to organize my tasks even more so and if I can’t see all of those tasks altogether, it becomes harder to plan out the day and make sure that I am up to date. While I know that you guys focus on collaboration over the personal productivity of others, I just want to point out that each person has both a personal life and a professional life and in order to be and stay productive, that person must be able to balance the two. We use our personal life to plan out how we do things in our professional life and vice versa, thus making it very important that we see all our tasks to that we can adequately plan out tasks and stay productive. If you can’t provide this feature, then you are essentially tarnishing a good percentage of productivity of an individual. And while I know Taco and other apps exist to link up to Asana, I’d rather use one platform than have to use a bunch others.


+1 This should be a core feature of the app. :thinking:

+1 for sure. I have one Asana workspace for me and my family to organize our lives and one workspace for my company. It creates a lot of redundant work to have a single task view to execute from. I’m one person and I should have one view into my tasks, wherever they may emerge from.

Hello - to developers who are (hopefully) tracking enhancement requests, this is a feature that would make my work so much more manageable/efficient. I have had over 30 of my clients sign up for Asana so we can automate their systems/work flow. We use it to track progress of management teams, and drive projects, agendas and tasks across all of our client offices. I have tasks assigned to me in each organization, which means I have to switch between them all to track. I have tried Taco but the interface is not Asana. Would much prefer to have a “home base” where I can view all tasks from all workspaces and organizations, and prioritize from there.

Thank you!

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hello everyone.
you MUST VOTE at the top of this page ! hit the VOTE button now!

a simple reply message does not count …

hello ASANA?
are you still listening?

where on the roadmap is this feature?


HI @Andreas_Butz,

Although I’m not commenting on every post in this thread, rest ensured that I’m subscribed to this thread and keeping a close eye on this feature request. I’ve just gone ahead and escalated a task to our Product Team to highlight how popular this feature request is within our Community. While I can’t promise if or when this request will be prioritized, I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I have an update on my end.

Andreas, I think you might have already come across this post, but for everyone following this thread, here is a little bit more context on how we manage feedback and product request at Asana: How we’re listening to your product feedback


Just upvoted this feature request. It would make my Asana experience WAY more pleasant. :heart_eyes: So glad to see it’s (hopefully) in development.

Could Asana confirm if this is something in development? It’s been requested for 2 years from 328 users (and probably more, given different threads).

Crazy this is still a problem after 2 years. I was about to pull the trigger on 5 paid accounts for my organization until I realized this was a problem. Going elsewhere now. Not implementing this actually means you are making the work MORE inefficient for so many.


+1 on this one. Is a basic of every GTD approach to view over different projects, workspaces, …


Is this really not happening still…


Yeah @Marie i’m kinda of surprised that asana isn’t more responsive to something 2 years old and with the request of hundreds of users. Could you please update us? I think it would be good at the very least to give an answer as to why it hasn’t been prioritized (or when it might). thank you!

Hi @gf11 and thanks for the mention.

I’m aware this is a popular feature in the Forum, however I don’t have any updates on this topic just yet. As far as I’m aware, it is not in our near term plan, but definitely an option we will continue to evaluate in the future! I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have an update!

“Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces”

is a must.

when will this feature be there?

seems, you guys at asana do not work with asana anymore?

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Another vote for this feature. It would be immensely helpful.

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Could not agree more.
Trello has this Feature, and it is one of two things that are keeping me from fully adopting Asana (the other being upgrade for single seat).

Please bring this Feature to market.

+1. It would be really helpful!

+1. that would make things so much easier

How is this not a thing yet? It’s literally been years and it’s pretty fundamental.

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any update on this?
overview across all workspaces and companies?