Yourself in multiple organisations

Hello Asanas,

I manage different parts of my businesses (and life) through different Organisations and Workspaces in Asana. The tasks needs to be separated for obvious reason, but I am one person, and to keep my tasks under control, I have the need of jumping from one Organisation to another to check my tasks.

My question is: is there a way of having a “unified view” over my tasks? Let’s say having a “My Tasks” in which I am able to source the information from different Organisations and Workspaces. It would be like having one mail app that manages different email accounts. I do not have to jump from one inbox to another to understand which emails I have received.



@carlo Yep agree, it would be great if you could do this. Also if it was across My Personal Projects as well.

I ended up moving my projects back to 1 organisation and using Teams and Private Projects so I only have 1 My tasks to worry about. Please note this was just to seperate work from personal and ensure the Boys didn’t have access to stuff that they didn’t need to.

I use Asana only to manage my work. I don’t have teams using Asana so not sure if the above solution would work for you.


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@Carlo @Jason_Woods This is possible with the taco integration!

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Hi @Alexis

Thanks for the suggestions. I am not sure I managed things correctly, but I don’t have the same view with the “Today” or “Upcoming” tasks from all the Organisations and Workspaces

One of the great things of asana is clarity and simplicity, which unfortunately Taco does seem to have!

Thanks nonetheless, will try to dig deeper in it

@Alexis I didn’t know about Taco. Thanks for sharing!

Having view of cross tasks would be very usefull

The easiest thing for right now is to create a page of hyperlinks to the Task ID organizations. When you do this Asana take you to those organizations without opening another window.


I am having the same problem with multiple organisations and I also would like to have my task in one place. Is there any solution as for now? Thanks


@Thomas_Wieser I think Taco is the best solution for you now, or you could try James’ suggestion. Have you tried either of these?

I am now using Taco and I do enjoy the ability to see a high level overview of things, but I am finding that I am still having to duplicate tasks between two accounts. The client’s project has its own project in both my own asana account as well as the agency who I work with. Is there anyway to sync the tasks? Would the best way to do this be to have it be in a workspace instead of a project?

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Keep in mind I’m not sure if this would work, but theoretically you should be able to sync two asana projects with Unito. I only say this because it’s designed to sync between PM platforms, however there’s no reason why it shouldn’t also count for between Asana Organizations.

@Tony3 May I ask more about the workflow? For instance, if the client is through the Agency (which has it’s own project for the client), why would you duplicate/need a project in your own personal Asana (is this a personal projects asana or an org you created for yourself?)? Is it mainly for stuff like record keeping?

Hi, any update on this? Anyone tried syncing tasks?


I’m a part of 2 organisations and it’s annoying to switch back and forth between them to see my tasks lists. Is there way to give access to a project to view those tasks in a different organisation?


Org 1 (my business)
Org 2 (A client I am contracted too)

Org 2 creates a project and task for me, I can only view it when logged into Org 2. But I want that task to appear in my task list in Org 1.

I hope that make sense.

Thank you

Hey @Jared_Bell! Just merging your thread with Yourself in multiple organisations - #4 by Carlo, you will find all your answers in this post! :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, not really what I wanted. I don’t want to signup to another service and I don’t want another interface. I want to work in Asana. Sharing Projects with other organisations makes sense so that two organisations can come together to work on the same project without using another 3rd party service to do this.

Thats my feature request anyway. :slight_smile:


I have the same issue, I’m part of multiple organisations and would like to be able to just log into Asana and dive into any of them without having to have multiple accounts.


Just started to use asana (today infact!) - but i already came across this page because i will fall into the same category as above.

I work for 3 different companies under one MD and would like to be able to orginise and see all my tasks for each company from one interface, but be able to clearly differentiate them. Maybe filter them for situations where i only want to see company 1’s tasks ect…

this is primarily why i looked for a tool such as asana to help me be more efficient and effective across all three companies.


Hi @Phil_Oldroyd Assuming by MD you mean Mail Domain, ie one email address for all 3 companies. If that is the case you have a few options.

Create a Different Team for each Company.
Have a Prefix for Each Company and use that when creating projects.

The trick is if you have 3 different email addresses, one for each company. That is when so of the ideas in this thread would help you work through.

Welcome to Asana and welcome to the Community…


Hi Jason,

I have currently got it setup as you suggested and I am testing the water ( it’s all setup to my Oldest Mail domain - which i use the most)

However, I meant Managing director (don’t know why i even included that in my orginal post… lol )

I do have Multiple mail domains… all of which get used, but one gets used more out of habbit…



@Phil_Oldroyd - No worries Phil happy to help.

Have a look at this help article it might give you some ideas. Asana & Email: Emails to Tasks, Apps, & More | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

As an example I have three emails accounts but only use 1 workspace/organisation, and works fine.