Yourself in multiple organisations



@Jason_Woods - can you explain how you do that?

I have multiple addresses but have one as an organisation, one as a workspace and have to swap between them. The only way I can think of working this would be to invite my workspace self as a guest in my organisation. But then if I assign tasks to that persona it wouldn’t appear in my organisation ‘my tasks’ I would still need to sign in to the workspace to see its “my tasks”.


@Ruth_Newnham yep will provide some screenshots ASAP.



Important note to EU-based Asana clients: Last time I talked to them, Unito didn’t even know they had to comply with GDPR rules, too. Not to mention a DPA. They said, we’re Canada, we’re good.

Whatever the workaround here, don’t include Unito if you operate from the EU. Until further notice from Unito, of course.


As for myself in multiple organizations, I don’t even mind switching boards. What I do mind is the way you indicate changes in the other workplaces. The orange dot next to “Inbox” does work okay most of the time. (Unless you hide the sidebar.)

But in order to become aware of updates in other organizations I need to proactivley click and show my user widget in the top right corner. Asana, you’re so close to successful push notifications, it’s almost a given. But for visibility reasons it still won’t work. That’s what bums me out.


Sorry for the delay here are some screen shots of how I am set up.

Couple of Notes first:

  • I predominately use Asana as my own personal planning and project management tool.
  • The clients I have don’t use Asana as their primary tool but I do have some of their employees in my Organisation as guests.
  • My primary organisation is “Woods INC” which is based on my companies Google Domain and is the only account I use to log onto Asana with.

I have three other email accounts that I use at Clients that I work for and I also use Sendana at my primary client so that I can either create tasks in projects or send emails directly to my primary organisation. So my From email profiles looks like this;

I then have Teams setup for each of Clients or Teams within my Company as per below;

All of the projects that are associated with each Client/Team are then put in those teams and I use Private projects to restrict access to certain types of projects further and also only certain people are members of more than one Team.

Hope this helps… Let me know if there is anything else that might help explain how I use this.




Is there a way to be logged into multiple accounts at the same time and be able to toggle back and forth between the two. Looking for both on the website and in the app if possible. I have both a work and a personal(I use to manage work for a non-for-profit) asana account. I need to keep the accounts separate but would like a way to toggle between the two, especially on the app on my phone.

Thank you!


Hey @Bailey_Maio; absolutely!

To do so, you’ll need to merge your Asana accounts together, by following the instructions here you can easily toggle between spaces that you’re a member of!

To switch between the Organizations and/or Workspaces you’re a member of, click your profile photo then select the space you’d like to navigate to from the drop-down menu that appears.

Hope this helps!


Thank you!


Hi guys! just merging this thread with Yourself in multiple organisations to avoid duplicates! :wink:


Hi all,

I’ve just read through the whole of this thread and although there are a few useful suggestions that I’ve tried before, such as Taco and Unito, but none of these work as required. Just wondered if there is any chance it might happen soon?

Surely, having a unified task view across organisations is a must for many freelancers and agencies who work with multiple clients?

My scenario is:

I run my own design agency so have my own Asana organisation.
I work with multiple clients using Asana who assign me tasks within their organisations.
I want to be able to see what tasks I have coming up across all clients (organisations) and all projects.

For me, the ideal solutions would be that I have a “Master” account and tasks that are assigned to me by other organisations appear in this account under the My Tasks view. I could then filter that view by organisation if necessary.

This seems a fairly simple and obvious request to me?




@Mark_Bird Your request is certainly reasonable. In the meantime how about creating a “Command and Contol” project in your main account, save as a Favorite and then have a hyperlink to My Tasks or any part of other Organization or Workspaces you are a member.


Hi James and thanks for getting back to me. I’m not sure I understand your suggestion though. Wouldn’t any url I enter just link to a separate page anyway meaning that I may as well just switch between organisations by clicking my profile photo? Also, I’m not sure what url I would enter and where it would go?

Asana Global Task View is a decent Chrome Extension that manages to create a unified view but the inability to sort by due date and the fact that it sits outside Asana makes it only half useful.


@Mark_Bird Yes it has similarities to clicking an switching but is much more granular allowing you to go to My Tasks, Key Projects, Tasks all in one view. And a simple back arrow brings you back to your main space. All you have to do is go to the spot you want to be in one of your other organizations, copy the URL at the top of your browers and paste back into your Command and Control Project which again I suggest marking as a Favorite and putting at the top of Favorites. It also can be used to navigate within your own Organization even though I realize Reports and Favorite Projects can do the same thing.


Hi all,

FYI our new Treesana solution provides this capability: its My Tasks list combines all tasks assigned to you across all of your organizations/workspaces.