Unified inbox across workspaces and organizations

Many of us use different workspaces and organizations and to figure out our day we have to hop from one to the other. My request is that the My Tasks inbox would combine the tasks from ALL or selected workspaces and organizations as an email client app would do. This way we all could figure out our day in a snap and have faster and quicker results which could lead into growing you user base.


I just wanted to add a reply to voice my support for this. With 3 organisations and a personal projects space it means it is impossible to plan my day effectively in asana. If I have to go outside asana to do this the whole value proposition of asana starts to fall away for me.


I agree this would be immensely helpful! Bouncing in and out defeats the point of such a streamlined tool. :slight_smile:


I agree with the sentiments expressed here about the value of a list of personally owned tasks that crosses projects and organizations.

Perhaps there could be a drop-down in My Tasks’ view settings that shows all projects that a user is a part of with checkboxes. If projects are checked, tasks a person owns within that project will be listed under My Tasks. If unchecked, they would not be listed.

This way, if users prefer to see only their assigned tasks within a single project, that view is possible. If they would like to see a view of all their assigned tasks across all projects or organizations, this view would be possible as well.


Voted. Would love to have this feature.

+1 !!! I don’t understand why this doesn’t exist yet! Agree that the whole point of asana is to have ONE task list

Totally agree, I was just typing a new topic when I noticed this one, so I’ll just paste what I wrote originally… :slight_smile:

If you use Asana personally next to your company, or at multiple companies, it’s quite a hassle to stay on top of your inboxes. Since it’s Asana’s mission (and they make it easy) to let people collaborate cross-company, I think it makes a lot of sense to have a “unified” inbox that rreflects all updates across your workspaces.

Curious to hear how others solve this issue, besides just switching back and forth a lot. I actually have reminder tasks for myself in my “main” workspace, to check out my other workspaces…

Just added my vote. This would be massively useful.

This would be a life-changing feature. With multiple workspaces, it’s important to be able to see all tasks and inbox notifications in one “main” account. The ability to select or check off which workspaces/organizations are unified would be a HUGE plus.

Huge +1 here.

Need to deal with different workspaces and I’d love to have a unified view so I can get an overview of my day without having to switch several times.

This is an excellent idea!

yes we severely need this!