Team vs Workspace

Hello, I work for a training center based at a university. All of my colleagues have a university email, so we have automatically been added to the university organization. Separate from this, we are building a workspace for our training center.

Would there be a benefit to changing our training center into a team on the university organization instead of a workspace? How are these two designations different?

HI @Marilyn_Blasingame,
the main difference between a TEAM and a WORKSPACE and information access.
in a same team, you can share projects and task and having only one inbox for all of your notification.
If you share different workspace, you can’t have everything at the same place and need to switch from a workspace to another one. It can become quickly annoying!

Unless you have a specific need for differentiation (i.e: personal vs work) I would then suggest to go with teams.
Hope this helps.