Using Asana for being ontop of projects in two separate organisations



Hi, newbie here.

Quick question: I do work for two (unrelated) organisations. Is there, by any chance, a way I could have one single Asana account (=“dashboard”) and work in projects of both organisations at the same time? That’d certainly save me to have to have two separate accounts, with all the inconveniences that carries.



Hi Enric,

At this time it is not possible to have one single Asana account with projects from multiple organizations. You may be interested in contributing to this product feedback thread on the topic: Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces


I'm part of multiple organizations - do I have to log out and log back in?

Hi @Enric_M, and welcome to the community! As @Alexis mentioned, you can’t have a “Dashboard” showing your tasks for both Organizations in one single place, however, if you haven’t yet, you can merge your accounts (, this way you will be able to easily toggle between your two Organizations! :slight_smile:


Hey there!

Both @Alexis & @Marie are absolutely correct. There is no way to view all Tasks in a single dashboard from within the product.

There is, however an integration made by a third party that comes close to what you’re looking for. Perhaps the Taco integration could help (though I’d also recommend merging your accounts per Marie’s suggestion as well)!

The link to the Taco integration is below:

Let us know if it suits your needs :slight_smile: